Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{Kregel Blog Tour} The Brotherhood Conspiracy by Terry Brennan

Book Description:  Tom Bohannon's discovery of an ancient scroll led him on an international adventure and through mysteries of faith and politics, ending in a place not even he could imagine: the Third Temple of God hidden under Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Wondering how to recover from such a momentous find, Tom's adventures are not over. The final days are upon them, yet no one knows how much time is left—a year? A hundred years? A thousand?

My Thoughts:  This is the first book I've read by Terry Brennan.  The Sacred Cipher is the first book in this series.  Somehow I missed the Sacred Cipher but decided to go ahead and read The Brotherhood Conspiracy first.  Not having read The Sacred Cipher first didn't seem to hinder the story of The Brotherhood Conspiracy.  So, I feel that these are stand alone reads.  
Mr. Brennan is quite a detailed writer.  He, also, writes with a flair that keeps the reader turning the pages.  Pages that are filled with taunt suspense . . . "Leonidas was startled when the cell phone rang.  A blocked number.  He was expecting no calls.  But . .  ."  (from p. 114)  
I loved the suspense of this read! Chapter Two begins with Tom Bohannon in bed when he is suddenly, with heart pounding, awakened to feel that there is someone in the room, in the house, he must "fight" his way to the kitchen to keep his family safe!  only to find that his son had dropped the milk.  But that's only the beginning!  
Since Tom has found the ancient scroll what mysteries of faith is he yet to go through?  What is this journey all about?  And where will his faith lead him?
I found this to be a quite intriguing read! A lot of history is interwoven through out the read, especially ancient history.  A lot to be learned from history.  
*This book was provided for review by Kregel Publications*

About the Author: 
Over the past 35 years, Terry Brennan has accumulated a broad range of experience in both the profit and non-profit business sectors.
His 22-year, award winning journalism career included:
*Seven years as a sportswriter and editor with The Philadelphia Bulletin, at the time the largest-circulation afternoon newspaper in the nation;
*Leading The Mercury of Pottstown (PA), as its editor, to a Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Writing;
*Serving as Executive Editor of a multi-national newspaper firm - Ingersoll Publications - with papers in the USA, England and Ireland.

In 1996 Brennan transferred his successful management career to the non-profit sector and served for 12 years as Vice President of Operations for the Christian Herald Association, Inc., the parent organization of four New York City ministries, including The Bowery Mission.
Now Chief Administrative Officer for the non-profit Care for the Homeless in New York City, Brennan also won the Valley Forge Award for editorial writing from the Freedoms Foundation.
His two adult sons and their families live in Pennsylvania. Terry and his wife Andrea live in New York City area. Their daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter live in West Chester County and their son resides in Lake Tahoe, CA. His first novel, The Sacred Cipher, was published by Kregel Publications and released in July of 2009. The sequel, The Brotherhood Conspiracy, will be released in June, 2013.

  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Kregel Publications (June 1, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0825443172
  • ISBN-13: 978-0825443176

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