Saturday, May 27, 2023

Counter Attack (Pearl River) by Patricia Bradley


Book Description:  No sooner has Alexis Stone been sworn in as the interim sheriff for Russell County, Tennessee, when a serial killer dubbed the Queen's Gambit Killer strikes again--this time in her hometown. Pearl Springs is just supposed to be a temporary stop along the way to Alex's real dream: becoming the first female police chief of Chattanooga. But the killer's calling card--a white pawn and a note with a chess move printed on it--cannot be ignored.

Pearl Springs chief of police Nathan Landry can't believe that his high school sweetheart Alexis (he refuses to call her Alex) is back in town, and he can't help wanting to protect the woman he never stopped loving. But as the danger mounts and the killer closes in, can Nathan come through on the promises he makes to himself to bring a killer to justice before it's too late.

My Thoughts:  This is truly a heart stopping read!  And the action takes off from page one!

Such an interesting story.  All about a serial killer with a white pawn.  A white pawn and a chess move.  

Alexis Stone is excited to be the first female chief of police in Chattanooga. But on her way to Chattanooga she stops in her hometown Pearl Springs...oopsie that's where the Queen's Gambit decides to strike.  

And then Nathan Landry her high school sweetheart who just happens to be the chief of police in Pear Springs wants to protect Alexis.  However, Alexis feels that she is more than capable of protecting herself.

Lots of suspense and some romance.  The most interesting suspenseful story about a white pawn.  

This is one story that will grab your attention from the very first page.

Loved, loved  this story!

*This book was provided for review by Revell*

The Secret to Happiness (Cape Cod Creamery) by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Book Description:  Fired from her dream job after making a huge mistake, Callie Dixon lands at her aunt's Cape Cod ice cream shop, hoping that in time, she'll bounce back. But she made that mistake for a reason that time won't help. When her cousin drags her to a class on happiness, the instructor--curiously gloomy and demanding--has a way of turning her feelings upside down.

My Thoughts:  After reading drama, intrigue and suspense this book was way too introspective for me.  No action, very little drama.  
However, if you are a girly girl and like to read about another's thoughts and happiness then this is the book for you.
Sometimes I receive a book that just isn't in my interest group.  Unfortunately, this was one of those books.  I tried.  I really tried but I'm a suspense/mystery reader and this book just couldn't grab my interest.
Not the author's's all on me. Just gotta have some suspense to grab me.
So for all you girly girls go grab this read!

*This book was provided for review by Revell*

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The Things I Never Told You by Beth Vogt


Book Description:  It’s been ten years since Payton Thatcher’s twin sister died in an accident, leaving the entire family to cope in whatever ways they could. No longer half of a pair, Payton reinvents herself as a partner in a successful party-planning business and is doing just fine―as long as she manages to hold her memories and her family at arm’s length.
But with her middle sister Jillian’s engagement, Payton’s party-planning skills are called into action. Which means working alongside her opinionated oldest sister, Johanna, who always seems ready for a fight. They can only hope that a wedding might be just the occasion to heal the resentment and jealousy that divides them . . . until a frightening diagnosis threatens Jillian’s plans and her future. As old wounds are reopened and the family faces the possibility of another tragedy, the Thatchers must decide if they will pull together or be driven further apart.

My Thoughts:  If you have a sister or sisters you know that there can be and probably will be drama.  Well, Beth Vogt delves into family dynamics...the push and pull of sisters.  
Three sisters separated by who have been separated now must find a common thread.  
An emotional read as the sisters tread through the deep emotions of forgiveness and redemption.
Sisters dealing with grief and secrets are trying to overcome when the oldest sister passes away.
Oh, the things that we keep hidden in her hearts.  Oh, the pains of family hurts and the healing and hope of forgiveness.
Such a great read! 

Monday, April 24, 2023

The Robin's Greeting by Wanda Brunstetter


 Book Description:  For the past two years Belinda King, along with her two grown daughters and teenage son, has been struggling to keep the family greenhouse running. Despite disconcerting events that have threatened to put them out of business, they have survived two growing seasons. And now Belinda can focus on the two suitors vying for her attention. Herschel Fisher, a new acquaintance, makes her feel relaxed, and Monroe Esh, an admirer from her past, reminds her of her youth.

My Thoughts:  Oh my!  This is the last book in the wonderful Amish Greenhouse Mystery...Book 3. 
I was so sad for this book to end because it was like being a part of this family.  But, oh! what an ending.  I loved this book.
Okay, it may be my favorite book of all the Amish Greenhouse mysteries.  Why?  It's a happy book and there's so much in it.
Belinda King and her family are like the best family.  they all work together and have survived two growing seasons, as well as, growth in their own lives.
Belinda may be a mom and a widow but now that her kids are more mature it seems that she has two suitors.  Two great suitors who are vying foe her attention.
This romance was like icing on a great cupcake.  Too good not to finish!
And, yes, if you haven't read the previous two books in this trilogy you need too.  All the stories build on each other.
Don't miss this story!

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Choosing Real: A Devotional Thought Journal by Bekah Jane Pogue


Book Description:  When you enjoy God's company first--even in the uncertain moments of life--the heavenly Creator will transform your mind to view your schedule, work, relationships, parenting, and responsibilities as opportunities to dance in life's storms and honor how beautiful simple can be. That's the message of the Choosing REAL journal, where popular author and blogger, Bekah Pogue, walks with you into life’s unplanned circumstances. . .and she reminds you it is in these very moments that God invites you to notice, respond, and even celebrate how He shows up—in every little detail. Featuring quotes from Pogue's, Choosing REAL, alongside inspiring scripture selections and journal prompts, you will be encouraged to record your personal thoughts and feelings. . .and to accept the invitation to embrace life just as it is!

My Thoughts: I've never read Bekah Pogue's blog but I was looking for a new journal and saw this one so I picked it.
It's a beautiful hardback book with 224 pages. The pages on the left side have a scripture and the page son the right side have a short/mini devotional and then a question.
Then each page is filled with lines so the reader has plenty of room to write her thoughts.
This is a devotional thought journal so it's set up for a lot of writing of one's thoughts.
I also love the little gold stars that are splayed on the edges of the pages.  I just love the look of this journal but as I said above I love ALL the room for writing.  I believe that is the whole purpose of this journal...writing out one's thoughts and choosing what is REAL.