Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Fire In Ember by DiAnn Mills

Book Description: John Timmons' life is planned and orderly. He cares for his mother and four younger brothers, and their future depends on him to keep their Colorado ranch profitable. Ember Farrar (Bert) has run away from her lawbreaking family in search of a new life. But, when she attempts to return a horse that her brother had stolen, ranch hands believe she is a thief and a boy and they plan to hang her. John, who is also a deputy marshal, breaks up the hanging. After paying for the stolen horse, he takes the boy home to work off the debt. Later he learns Bert is a girl who refuses to tell him who she is and why she possessed a stolen horse. When ranchers report stolen cattle, Bert is a natural suspect. John is touched by Bert's sweet spirit and natural gift of music. Surely she's not a cattle thief. Bert fears for their lives when she is forced to either help her brothers steal or put the Timmons in danger. When John thinks Bert has betrayed him, he ignores God and turns revengeful. Will John learn who Bert truly is? Will their lives ever return back to normal?

My Review: Diann Mills is among my favorite authors!  The Fire In Ember is one of those stories that makes one feel the pain and the misery of trying to right a wrong.
Bert (Ember) wants/tries to be different than her lawbreaking family.  She wants honesty and uprightness but at times it seems that the honesty may not be the best policy.  
That's how Ember feels after trying to return the horse her brothers stole.  John, the deputy marshal thinks Bert (Ember) is a young man stealing the horse not returning it to its rightful owners. John, still thinking that Bert (Ember) is a young man, pays for the horse so that Bert (Ember) won't be hung by the others for horse thievery.
Then John finds out that Bert (Ember) is a girl. A girl!  That changes many things.  
Ember won't open up to John.  She's afraid and he doesn't know why.  Intrigue!  Western days! and Romance!  Make this one of the best westerns I've read!  I loved the feelings that Ember displayed and the honesty and integrity of John.  
A well written, 5 star read for men and women!  This is the first book of the Timmon's and I look forward to reading more!

*This book was provided for review by Zondervan*

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  1. I think I'd like this book. I like the premise of the story.