Thursday, August 4, 2011

Love Finds You In Lancaster County Pennsylvania by Annalisa Daughety

Book Description:  Starting over in Lancaster, Amish-born Lydia Ann soon finds a second chance at love with woodworker Simon Zook. But will his secret cause her even more heartbreak? And when her friend---Southern belle Caroline---starts a low-key romance with reporter Michael Landis, the paparazzi suddenly start stalking her again. Is he to blame? 320 pages, softcover from Summerside.

My Review:  When I want light reading I turn to Love Finds You...  Love Finds You In Lancaster County Pennsylvania caught my eye because we've visited here quite often.  This isn't just another Amish story, this read incorporates both worlds---Amish and English but there are two love stories going on simultaneously.  
Even though, Caroline's story is the most "talked" about.  Caroline ran away from the big town when her husband passed away wanting to get away from all the paparazzi since her deceased husband was a popular ball player.
Caroline, Lydia-Ann, Michael, Simon and the twins all need a new start.  
This read has a few twists and turns that makes it interesting and keeps the reader guessing.
Because it is in Amish country there is a lot written about the Amish and there ways, too!  And the might gain weight just from drooling on the pages!
A great read!
About the Author:
Annalisa Daughety won first place in the Contemporary Romance category at the 2008 ACFW Genesis Awards. After graduating from Freed-Hardeman University, she spent time working as a park ranger for the National Park Service. This experience led her to write the Walk in the Park series--each book in the series is set in a different national park. Originally from McCrory, Arkansas, Annalisa now resides in Memphis, Tennessee. Read more at

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