Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book of Hours by Davis Bunn

Book Description:  Brian thought he had no future. Now he has the chance to start over...if he can solve the mysteries of the past found inside Castle Keep.
After his wife's death, Brian Blackstone's days and hours had become a meaningless blur. He finally wills himself to go to the English village of Knightsbridge to confront the inheritance he doesn't want to claim. His wife had insisted that Castle Keep was a place of enchantment, and urged him to hold on to the crumbling property. Impoverished and alone, Brian feels only the despair of trying to honor her dying wish.
Then a mysterious letter sends Brian on a search to find the secrets of the ancient estate. And the local doctor, Cecilia Lyons, soon becomes an ally in the fight to save Castle Keep before it can be auctioned off.
Before he comes to the end of his quest, Brian will unearth the crumbling English manor's secrets as well as find his own life in jeopardy. But it is Brian's internal quest that proves the most dificult as he desperately searches for renewal and healing.
My Review:  I love a good mystery.  Not gory, unthinkable yuckiness! But a good mystery with suspense that works the mind.  Davis Bunn is a favorite author of mine and I've read quite a few of his books but, by far, Book of Hours, is one of my most favorite reads.  A mysterious letter is sent to widower and he goes in search of secrets on an ancient estate.  The estate aptly named Castle Keep is in need of someone to save it from destruction.  Brian in his search teams up with the local doctor, Cecilia Lyons.  Brian unearths secrets in the crumbling mansion and finds his own life in jeopardy.  But it's his own journey that proves to be the most difficult as he discovers secrets and treasure.  I also loved finding out about "The Book of Hours."  This is a great read and as always can be found at Amazon for a reasonable price. This may become one of your favorite books to keep!  Love this oldies but goodies!
About the Author:
 Davis Bunn was born in North Carolina but became an international financial expert and worked throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Bunn is a writer of historical fiction and legal thrillers that are heavily rooted in Christian faith. He has co-written novels with Canadian author Janette Oke, as well as a few with his wife Isabella. He has also written under the penname of Thomas Locke. Bunn has won three Christy Awards for his books Drummer in the Dark, The Great Divide, and The Meeting Place.
Currently, he and his wife, Isabella, live in Oxford, England where he is a Novelist-in-residence at Oxford University.

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