Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Missing Ingredient by

Book Description:  When the Taste Network rolls into Copper Mill to film a popular cooking show, the town is in for big excitement, big personalities -- and one very big mystery! A recipe for disaster. Kate Hanlon is thrilled about reconnecting with her childhood friend, Susannah Applebaum, now the host of Great Chefs of the South. But when the network's producer mysteriously disappears, all clues point to Susannah as somehow being involved. Susannah pleads her innocence, but how well does Kate really know her friend after all this time? And just what is so special about the secret recipes that Susannah has been hiding? With so much on the line, can Kate find the missing ingredient to this mystery before it's too late?

My Review:   I love a good mystery! When I picked up 
The Missing Ingredient
I was instantly transported to a small town 
where everyone knows
your name and your business! This is a great mystery. 
Good clean fun 
but best of all it's all about food. 
The best part to me is that Kate 
is a minister's wife. Kate loves nothing better
than to solve a mystery! So, when her childhood
 best friend 
Susannah shows up as one of the number one 
cooks for the food network 
where Kate lives Kate and Susannah have
 tea together. But one of the 
network's top guys goes missing and 
all fingers point to Susannah. 
Not mention the eerie, ghostlike creations
 that seem to roam the hotel 
where everyone is staying.
 Loved this 
read! It's not gruesome or yucky,
 just plain good reading!


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