Monday, May 16, 2011

Desert Gift by Sally John

Book Description: “She was supposedly as expert in marital discourse.  How did it happen that in ten words or less, with absolutely no forwarding, her own husband had exploded their worlds with ‘I want a divorce’ and then sent her off to the airport?” ~ from Desert Gift

My Review: Jill Galloway, a syndicated radio show host.  She is preparing to leave for her first book tour when her husband, Jack, a local physician, informs her he is through with their marriage, and will be gone by the time she returns.  There is no other woman.  He is just finished! Done!  Over!  Jill is hurt, somewhat confused and VERY devastated.  She is supposed to be the person with the happy marriage holding all the answers!  How many copies of her new marriage help book will she sell when her audience finds out she is divorced?
Jill retreats to her desert, her parent’s home, where she reflects on her life, the choices she made in her marriage, and how often she put her own desires before her family, and most importantly, God.  Jack also reflects on his marriage with Jill, his career, and how differently life could have been.  Is it (ever) too late to change?
Although this is a work of fiction it made me take time to reflect on my own marriage . . . choices we have made, and how much we’ve depended upon God in our decisions.  The author has written an excellent book with believable characters that may make one think about the "desert" times in all of our lives and sometimes, even, in our marriages. Loved the ending to this read!
This book is the second in the Side Road Series.   Desert Gift will be released June 15, 2011.
*This book was provided for review by Tyndale Publishing*

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