Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rest In Peace (Hometown Mysteries) by Frances Devine

Book Description:  Ride along on a hair-raising adventure with Victoria Storm and her cohorts as they comb Cedar Chapel for clues to a murder. When the local pet store owner is found dead, the coroner deems it due to a fall. But Victoria, her fianc√© Benjamin, and the residents of Cedar Chapel Lodge, a senior boardinghouse, think it’s murder. As they begin to uncover evidence, things go from bad to worse and their friend Miss Aggie disappears, leaving her blood-stained clothing behind. Will Victoria catch the killer or be the next victim?

My Review:  Victoria Storm runs/owns a boarding house for senior citizens.  She takes her beloved dog to the vet for his shots and low.and.belold! the vet is dead AND lying in a pool of his own blood. Not one to be faint of heart, Victoria immediately calls the local sheriff.  The sheriff is none to pleased with Victoria!  <I think the sheriff is afraid Victoria may get his job>
Victoria is determined to find the murderer!  With the help of her somewhat quirky boarders, a nine year old, a parrot and a dog things just can't get any more exciting or confusing!
The mystery of who killed Clyde, the vet, is a tangled web.  Then more suspense builds when one of the main characters goes missing!  What does it all mean?  And why in tarnation would someone kill good 'ol Clyde?
Victoria Storm is spunky and feisty and isn't afraid to get to the bottom of this terrible crime even when it seems the killer may after her.  
If you enjoyed the Miss Aggie books then you should enjoy this Hometown Mystery.
There quite a few Laugh Out Loud scenarios that make Victoria and her homies true to life!  
*This ebook was provided for review by Net Galley and Barbour Publishing*

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  1. Sounds like a fun and enjoyable read! I will watch for this one!