Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lie Down In Green Pastures The Psalm 23 Mysteries #3 by Debbie Viguie

Book Description: Even though they work right next door to each other, Cindy and Jeremiah come from two different worlds. Cindy is a church secretary; Jeremiah is a Reformed rabbi with a mysterious past full of danger and excitement. Together they have faced down a serial killer at Easter and a murderer of homeless people. 

The two unlikely companions continue to forge a strong friendship as they explore personal history and faith with each passing adventure. 

This third volume in the Psalm 23 Mysteries series finds Jeremiah and Cindy matching wits with an unscrupulous land developer. In a fast-paced story set around St. Patrick's Day, murder invades an idyllic landscape, challenging them to save hundreds of teens even as they try to discover the source of their unexpected danger. 

My Review:  Church secretary, Cindy Preston, runs into another dead body. This time the "body" is driving a car that crashes into Rabbi Jeremiah Silverton right in front of his synagogue. Cindy immediately calls Detective Walters to the scene. Mark Walters can't believe another crime is happening again that involves Cindy!
Cindy is determined to find the murderer even though both Mark and Jeremiah want her to leave it alone.  Cindy feel that this death and the death that occurred at Green Pastures, a nature Preserve, on the outskirts of town are somehow related and she wants to follow through on clues before the trail grows cold.
But as Cindy begins to question people the situation quickly begins to go from bad to worse. Someone is shot, another person is murdered by poison and dies in her own living room.  Cindy is hurt and must go to the hospital with a separated shoulder.  But she continues to investigate! Following a tip she heads for the local pub where she discovers the crime ring.  She tries to take them out using darts!  
Meanwhile, Jeremiah is in a battle of his own, trapped with 14 kids at a camp in Green Pastures. Soaking rains have washed out the bridge and they cannot get back to the highway. When a bomb blows up their cabin, they are on the run from someone who is trying to kill them all.
This is the third book in Viguie's Psalm 23 series. A story that explores ways people deal with death, dangerous situations and relationships. 
A faced-paced somewhat funny read about life, love and not giving up!
*This ebook was provided for review by Net Galley and Abingdon Press*

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