Saturday, September 18, 2021

{Barbour Blog Tour} Wanda E. Brunstetter's Amish Friends Baking Cookbook

Book Description:  Fresh-baked buns or cookies waiting for a child's after-school snack is a delight many of us remember from our own mothers and grandmothers kitchens. You can now share the joy of baking for and with your own family through dozens of recipes provided by Amish bakers. Ideas for breads, rolls, cakes, cookies, and more will keep you busy taste testing and sharing all the goodies. Also included are step-by-step instructions, baking tips, and anecdotes from Amish bakers. Encased in a lay-flat binding and presented in full color, home bakers of all ages will be delighted to add this cookbook to their collections.
This is a must-have cookbook for anyone with a soft spot for baked goods, from New York Times bestselling author of Amish fiction, Wanda E. Brunstetter.

My Thoughts:  I admit that I love getting a new cookbook especially one of Wanda E. Brustetters' cookbooks.  
This cookbook has some great, unknown recipes or also called recipes I've not heard of.  
There are easy and delicious recipes or there are intricate and delicious recipes.  So many great new ideas.
I am especially interested in the bread recipes right now.  After all that has transpired in our world the past two years I've decided to learn to make an easy but good bread.  I found two recipes in this book that I'm going to try.   Pumpkin bread and Unleavened bread.  There's also a recipe for Friendship Bread but that's like taking on a new family member so maybe at another time for me.
This is a fantabulous cookbook so be sure to get a copy while they're flying off the shelves.
I did make the recipe below, Cherry Melt-Away Bars, the other day and they are DELICIOUS!
So I'm sharing the recipe with you:

*This book was provided for review by Barbour Publishing*


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