Thursday, October 22, 2020

Fabulous Friday

 Sometimes, just sometimes, don't we all 
look at the beautiful colors of the canopy 
and see that our world is full of color.
Color brings about so much happiness.
But, yet, when we look at each other we
don't always see the beauty in our color.
My family tends to lean toward a porcelain 
color and burns easily in the sun.  Which brings 
some of us great grief.
In college my best friend was Hispanic and 
had the most beautiful skin color.  She never 
worried about being brown but on the other hand she 
worried that people judged her by her skin color.
She began to live a lonely life until one day 
she met the Savior.  He didn't judge her at.all!
In fact, He is the One who formed her.
Psalm 139 became one of her favorite parts of His Word.
Her joy was not in her color but in His freedom for her life!
Rejoice for He made you as you are for His glory!

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