Monday, June 6, 2016

Peril in the Palace {Imagination Station #3} Adventures In Odyssey by Marianne Hering & Paul McCusker

Book Description:  The place? China in 1271. The quest? The golden tablet of Kublai Khan. The problem? Just about everything! 
The Imagination Station adventures continue as cousins Patrick and Beth are kidnapped by Mongol warriors. Only the friendship of fellow traveler Marco Polo saves them from harm. They are brought to the Mongol palace, where the Kublai Khan dislikes both their gifts and their message about Christianity. The tension grows when the Mongol magicians challenge the cousins to a spiritual power showdown. As war breaks out, Beth and Patrick are locked in a secret room to prevent their escape. 
How do the cousins get the golden tablet they need to save Mr. Whittaker’s friend Albert? How do they escape the city and find the Imagination Station? Enter the perilous palace and find out!

My Review:  Having read books 1 & 2, we (my son and I) were excited to continue the adventure with Patrick and Beth in book 3, Peril in the Palace.

In book 2 Patrick and Beth, who are cousins, are trying to help Albert a friend of Mr. Whittakers.
So, now in the adventure of book 3, the cousins need to meet Kublai Khan and find the golden tablet.  They are ready to go to China.  Beginning their adventure in China the cousins are captured Mongol Warriors who believe they are evil because they "appeared out of no where".... and the adventure continues!  Oh, and the cousins meet Marco Polo (before he became famous, of course)! 
I love this series because the books are geared for children....with christian values, adventure and tidbits of history these books are outstanding for the young reader (ages 7 and older).
This book plus the other two make for great summer reading and are wonderful for children of all ages!  If you love the Adventures In Odyssey Series then you'll love this book series!  Also, the last two pages of the book, pages 118/119, there is a secret word puzzle that helps the child to understand what s/he has read and then simply follow the instructions and the reader can look up the answer.

Remember, as the back of the book says, "The key to adventure lies within your imagination!"  

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About the Authors:
Marianne has written for children since 1987 when she joined the editorial staff of Focus on the Family Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. magazines. In the 1990s she wrote six children's mystery books and more than 40 Bible phonic readers (with co-author Margaret Wilber) for Cook Communications. Now a general book editor for Focus on the Family, she has turned her passion for children's fiction into developing a series for beginning readers who love adventure.

Paul was given his first typewriter early in his childhood and hasn't stopped writing since. Since 

joining the Focus on the Family staff in 1988, Paul has written over 300 half-hour episodes for the Adventures in Odyssey audio series, 18 tie-in novels and two screenplays for the animated series.
His grown-up novels include The Mill House and Epiphany (nominated for a ECPA Gold Medallion 

Award) two medical thrillers co-written with Dr. Walt Larimore called TSI: The Gabon Virus and TSI: The Influenza Bomb.
Paul and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Colorado Springs with their two children.

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