Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Newsmakers Hardcover by Lis Wiehl (Author), Sebastian Stuart (Contributor)

Book Description:  TV reporter Erica Sparks has become a superstar overnight. Is it due to her hard work and talent, or is she at the center of a spiraling conspiracy?
Erica Sparks is a beautiful and ambitious reporter who has just landed her dream job at Global News Network in New York. And while it was hard to leave Jenny, her cherished eight-year-old daughter, in the custody of her ex-husband, Erica is determined to succeed in the cutthroat world of big-time broadcasting. She can only hope her troubled past won’t come back to sabotage her dreams.
Although the wounds from her divorce are still fresh, Erica can’t deny the chemistry between her and her new producer, the handsome and empathic Greg Underwood. But a relationship is the last thing she wants right now.
On her very first assignment, Erica inadvertently witnesses—and films—a horrific tragedy, scooping all the other networks. Mere weeks later, another tragedy strikes—again, right in front of Erica and her cameras. Her career skyrockets overnight, but Erica is troubled. Deeply. This can’t just be coincidence. But what is it?
Erica will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. But she has to make sure disaster—and her troubled past—don’t catch up with her first.

My Thoughts:  I was excited to see that Lis Wiehl wrote another story but this time her co-author/contributor is Sebastian Stuart.  And this story doesn't leave off where Lis' other stories ended, this is a whole new "look."
Erica Sparks is not only beautiful but she is feisty.  She has just landed her dream job at Global News in New York.  She feels this is a major "up" for her career.  And she is good at her job.
Now, Erica is divorced with an eight year old daughter, Jenny. She doesn't like leaving Jenny with her ex but in the cut throat business of reporting, Erica fees that she must do what she HAS to do.  
And she seems be "falling" for the producer.  
Erica, on her first reporting job, accidentally witnesses and films a horrific tragedy.  And then a few weeks later she, again, captures a hair raising tragedy.  Her career blooms!
But "it" just doesn't seem right to Erica and she is worried about the coincidences.  
This is where the suspense and the mystery come in.  
Just a word . . . this is not a christian read.  Even though at one point Erica thinks about God.  This is a clean well written thoroughly enjoyable suspense read! 
As only Lis Wiehl can . . . lots and lots of suspense.  And an ending that was a bit of surprise.

*This book was provided for review by BookLook*

  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson (January 19, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0718037677
  • ISBN-13: 978-0718037673

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