Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Song by Chris Fabry (based on the motion picture screenplay by Richard L. Ramsey)

Book Description:  Jed King’s life has been shaped by the songs and mistakes of his famous father. He wants to sing his own song, but the words and melody are elusive. Haunted by the scars inflicted by his broken family, Jed’s dreams of a successful music career seem out of reach . . . until he meets Rose.
As romance quickly blooms, Jed pens a new song and suddenly finds himself catapulted into stardom. But with this life of fame comes temptation, the same temptation that lured his father so many years ago.
Set in the fertile mid-South, this quest for success leads Jed and Rose on a journey that will force them to deal with the pain of loss, failure, and the desire to be who God created them to be.
Lyrical and deeply honest, The Song asks the hard questions of love and forgiveness. When even the wisest of men are fools in love, can true love persevere?

My Thoughts:  Chris Fabry writes with such an unique flair.  The reader isn't quite sure what will happen as the story rolls along.  
The Song is taken from the biblical writings from the book of Song of Solomon and Lamentations...the experiences of King Solomon.
I found it interesting that the main character's name is Jed King (you know, like the King Solomon).
This is a powerful story!  Love, loss, tension, emotions running high...oh!my! What a story! 
Jed comes form a dysfunctional home/background but, yet, as in all of our lives God can make the ashes into something beautiful when we let Him take control of our lives.
The story of Jed and Rose (the vineyard owner's daughter) seems to be an honest story of fame and trying to keep a pure love in the entertainment world. 
This story really explores the relationships of people.   Sometimes there is a "price" for following our dreams.  And sometimes we don't understand the "sins" of our fathers until are faced with the same "sins."  An interesting and wonderful look at life!
A great read with a few tissue alerts along the way!  

*This book was provided for review by Tyndale*

  • Paperback: 440 pages
  • Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (December 18, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1496403339
  • ISBN-13: 978-1496403339

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