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{Kregel Blog Tour} Deeper Than Red (Red Burning) by Sue Duffy

Book Description:  Twenty-year-old Tally Greyson isn’t consumed with her own education, social life, or career goals like most young women her age. Instead, she’s trying to save her mother from the grasp of a seductive cult. What Tally doesn’t realize is that in this community, there’s a far greater danger than any she can imagine—and she and her mother aren’t the only ones in its sights. There are plots brewing here that will threaten the fate of the world.
Concert pianist Liesl Bower has put her own dangerous past behind her, and in her Charleston family home, surrounded by those who love her, she’s preparing for a world concert tour with her dear friend, violinist Max Morozov. She thinks she’s safe; the man who tried to kill her is dead, his coconspirators have been rounded up, and no one knows she had anything to do with saving the world from a new revolution.
That is, until a world leader is assassinated on the other side of the globe, setting events into motion that could kill the U.S. president, destroy Washington—and take everything and everyone Liesl loves with it. A madman is at the controls now. Even with the backup of the CIA and the dubious protection of a former KGB agent, this time they may all be too late.

My Thoughts:  I truly enjoy stories penned by Sue Duffy.  I enjoyed reading the first two books in this Red Burning trilogy.  
Deeper Than Red is the third book in this trilogy and probably my favorite of all three reds (reads, *punny)!
All three Red Burning books are inter-related.  So, yes, it would be recommended to read them all in order.  But, yet, there are three different ladies with three different  issues/problems to be solved.
In Deeper Than Red, a cult that seems to good to be true, a young lady with only her mother's well being at heart, and a world leader who somehow seems connected to it all. Also, we meet Tally Greyson whom is trying to tie this all together.  I like Tally for she is tough and spunky with enough guts to know when to be afraid and when to ask for help.
And then concert pianist, Liesl Bower, from the previous story is back as she prepares for an upcoming piano concert with violinist, Max Morozov.  It's interesting how Ms. Duffy takes one story and ties it into the next.  Related and mysterious!
I love the action, suspense and mystery with a biblical basis that is written into these fantastic christian suspense reads!  The romance is low key and does not over shadow the suspense/mystery of all that is happening.
If you love a good, clean suspense read with christian values and light romance then this is the read for you!

*(This review is based upon a copy of this book which was provided free of charge from Kregel Publications. These opinions are my own; I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated for this review.)*
(Books 1 & 2 in the Red Trilogy)

Series: Red Returning Trilogy (Book 3)Paperback: 304 pagesPublisher: Kregel Publications (March 7, 2014)

  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0825442672
  • ISBN-13: 978-0825442674
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