Friday, June 13, 2014

A Fun Summer Reading Program!

Here is a favorite summer reading program of mine.  Tyndale does it like this:  You look at the list and read one of the listed books, then you must do three things to post about the book.  After reading and posting five books you pick a a prize book.  Check it out:

Tyndale Summer Reading Program

Welcome to the Tyndale Summer Reading Program
The Tyndale Summer Reading program is a great opportunity to earn rewards for reading and sharing about the books you read from our summer reading list. When you share your thoughts in a variety of places including personal blogs, retails sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, etc), and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and GoodReads you can earn free books!
Here’s how to join and participate:
  • Set up your account by clicking on the “Apply Now” link below.
  • Take a look at our summer reading list and find books you’re interested in reading.
  • Visit your favorite bookstore, online retail site, library or grab your e-reader and purchase or borrow one of the books from the list. Basically you can get the books anywhere you normally get books. (Note: We cannot send you free books to read.)
  • After you finish reading a book, share about it on your blog, a retail site, or using one of your social media accounts. Sharing about the book in at least three places will earn you one point.
  • Log-in to your Summer Reading Program account and submit your book sharing links. Each book shared about counts as one point.
  • Once you earn 5 points you’ll be able to select any book from our summer reading list to be sent to you for free. It’s that easy!
During the 2013 Tyndale Summer Reading program over 1600 books were read, and the top reader read over 50 books! It was definitely a summer full of reading, and this year we’re hoping that even more people will take their reading to the next level.

Here’s what the Tyndale Summer Reading Program will get you:
- For every 5 books you read and submit proof that you shared about them, you’ll receive a free book of your choice from the summer reading list.
  • The top reader at the end of the summer will receive a $75 gift card towards books.
  • The 2nd through 4th place top readers will each receive a $50 gift card towards books.
  • Everyone who reads at least five books will be entered to win a free e-reader!

Join the Summer Reading Program today!

Participate by providing us with some of your information.

Program will run June 1st through August 31st 2014.

Click link to sign up:                              To apply for Summer Reading Program

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