Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Critical Condition by Dr. Richard L. Maybry, M.D.

Book Description:  Dr. Frasier couldn't save the gunshot victim on her front lawn. Now she's fighting for her own life.

It began as a quiet dinner party honoring Dr. Shannon Frasier's colleague, but became a nightmare when a man was shot on her lawn, reviving emotions from a similar episode a decade ago. Then a midnight call from her sister, Megan, causes Shannon to fear that her sister is on drugs again.

Her "almost-fiance" Dr. Mark Gilbert's support only adds to Shannon's feelings of guilt, since she can't bring herself to fully commit to him. She turns for help to her pastor-father, only to learn that he's just been diagnosed with leukemia.

Shannon thought it couldn't get any worse. Then the late-night, threatening phone calls begin, the rough voice asking, "What did he say before he died?"

With everything around her in a critical state, simply staying alive will require all the resources and focus Shannon has.

My Thoughts: Oh!Joy! I was so excited to read Dr. Mabry's new book!  He's my new favorite author!  Love. Love. His reads!

This is a fairly fast paced read!  

It begins with Dr. Fraiser hosting a dinner party and a man is shot on her front lawn!  Oh! the horror!  Dr. Fraiser can't save him.  Like a terrible dream! A replay of that night ten years ago! 
And then she learns that her sister is on drugs. Again! 
And her boyfriend, almost fiancee, wants a commitment.
And her father is diagnosed with the dreaded illness. 
And the phone calls!  
The feelings of inadequacy, the emotions, the hospital OR, and the suspense!  
It all seems so overwhelming and so unreal.  However, the way that Dr. Maybry pens this wonderful story makes the reader feel as if she is right there, in the middle, trying to figure out the why of it all.
Of course, faith in God and prayer are intermingled throughout out the read, for Who else can we turn to in times of trouble and tragedy?!?
Sometimes our lives/souls are in critical condition and only trusting in the Savior can "fix" it all.
This is one great read!  Go grab a copy!
*This book was provided for review by BookLook*
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson (April 15, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1401687407
  • ISBN-13: 978-1401687403

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