Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{Kregel Blog Tour} Peril: A Novel (Bloodline Trilogy) by Jordyn Redwood

Book Description:  Dr. Thomas Reeves is at the pinnacle of his career. The Department of Defense has awarded him a lucrative contract for his new research into superior autobiographical memory, which promises the ability to create combat troops able to quickly learn complex battle plans and enact them perfectly under the most demanding battlefield scenarios.
An elite unit has received neural grafts from fetal cadavers of genetically altered brain cells with enhanced NMDA receptors. The results are remarkable . . . until the recipients begin suffering hallucinations, nightmares, paralysis, . . . and death. Dr. Reeves searches for answers, but DOD insiders want him to stop the search.
The situation becomes public when pediatric ICU nurse Morgan Adams, Dr. Reeves’s daughter, is taken hostage by three research subjects in an attempt to force Dr. Reeves into disclosing why they are sick. If answers aren’t revealed within twenty-four hours, patients in the pediatric ICU will be killed.
This spine-tingling conclusion to the Bloodline Trilogy raises spiritual and ethical dilemmas torn directly out of today’s headlines. When does life begin? How far does commitment to family go? And can the sins of the father ever be forgiven?

My Thoughts:  I love great suspense reads and boy!o!boy! is this book suspenseful! 
This is the third book in the bloodline trilogy.  I didn't read the first two books but quickly delved right into this third book.  Now, I may have missed a few things but not having read the first two books I didn't feel that I missed any pertinent information.
The Prologue begins in a VERY suspenseful way . . . "He waited at the edge of the trail for her to pass, hidden in the gap where the underbrush transitioned to a mixed grove of lush aspen . . . "  Well, the reader is immediately set on edge wondering who the "he" in the first sentence is.
All through this book Morgan Adams is "hunted" by this mysterious "he."  What makes him want to take Morgan, Dr. Reeve's daughter hostage?
What is the whole picture?
I, actually, had a hard time deciding or understanding the "why" of this culprit's decisions.  But at the end of the book I understood the "why."
A very interesting read about issues that have to do with the spiritual side of life as well as the ethical side of life.  And the right of doctors to decide certain life altering issues-does this lead to Peril?!?!
This is quite a read!  Especially for those who love thrillers/suspense and medical all in one!

*This book was provided by Kregel Publications for review*

  • Series: Bloodline Trilogy (Book 3)
  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Kregel Publications (September 1, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0825442133
  • ISBN-13: 978-0825442131

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