Thursday, March 7, 2013

{Easter Egg Blog Hop} God Gave Us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren

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Today I am hosting the ninth stop along this ten-stop-hop. 
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In celebration of Lisa Tawn Bergren’s new book, God Gave Us Easter, I’m talking to Lisa about motherhood and her new book on prayers for parents. 
Today’s Easter Egg: What is the name of Lisa’s new book on parenting prayers? Hop on over to the entry form and let us know!
1.     Do you have standard advice that you give to first-time mothers?
Oh, it’s such a sweet time. I usually tell them to just soak up every minute; to remember their delicious smell, soft skin, sweet smiles. To really embrace the time, not just “get through it.” I know there’s a fair amount of survival instinct that kicks in when you’re exhausted. But that time goes so fast! Take lots of pictures and videos. You can sort them out/scrapbook/put in albums when they’re 16, but you can’t if you never took any.
2.     Has being a mother changed your approach to writing?
I have a deeper sense of how my words are laying down a legacy for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They may never read my books, but if they do…It just adds weight to it, having that personal angle. I’m teaching readers things I want my own family to absorb.
3.     How do you pray for your children? 
Honestly, most of my prayers are like any other mom’s. But my biggest prayer is for good, Christian friends—people that will help encourage my kids on the path of life. People that will encourage them to be the best they were created to be. UPSIDE-DOWN PRAYERS FOR PARENTS really pushed me into some challenging territory on the prayer front, for me as well as my kids.
4.     What has God taught you about faith through parenting?
That they ultimately belong to Him, not me. And I can’t control their lives any more than I can control my own. But God is trustworthy and faithful and he can see all of us through anything. 
5.     How has God answered some of your prayers for your kids? 
My eldest has experienced Day 27 over the last several months—“I pray you’ll press through heartbreak, and be better able to identify true love”—when she saw her first true relationship come to an end. Gradually, as she heals, she’s seeing how God is leading her, teaching her about good things ahead, and how the next relationship can be even better. I think my middlest has experienced Day 24—“I pray your beliefs will be challenged, and the roots of your faith will be strengthened”—when she came up against kids at school who were anti-Christian, and was able to stand up for what she believes. Even at a tender age, they can begin to absorb truth and defend what is right.
*This book was provided for review by Waterbrook/Multnomah*

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