Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Pelican Trees {A Novel} by A Grateful Believer

Book Description:  Shelby McKinney thought she had it all—a great marriage, three wonderful children and a beautiful life in Summerville, South Carolina. On the surface everything seemed near-perfect, until her beloved grandfather Luther Mellon died and purposely left her out of his will. Everything quickly crumbles all around her, rendering her completely inconsolable. A few days later, she mysteriously receives a post-dated hand written letter from her late grandfather, stating that he hadn’t forgotten about her after all. But if she wants her inheritance, she must find it buried six-feet beneath the sand somewhere in the state of Florida. 

The only available clues, limited as they are, were stored in a bank safe-deposit box somewhere in the Sunshine State. Shelby is given ninety-days in which to locate the bank, decipher all clues and find her buried inheritance. If she doesn’t find it within the ninety-day time frame, she’ll be forced to forfeit it altogether. Facing insurmountable odds, she embarks on this exciting adventure which quickly turns dangerous when she discovers she isn’t the only one searching for the buried treasure chest. Six extremely dangerous, greedy men are carefully monitoring her every move, fully determined to use any and all necessary measures to steal it from her the moment she unearths it. Not only does this tumultuous voyage of self-discovery nearly cost Shelby her life, she is also confronted by the ever-present spirit world like never before! But in the end, with one-hundred and forty strangers constantly praying for her, she ultimately realizes the adventure her beloved grandfather sent her on was so much more than a personal quest to find her buried inheritance. In the end, Shelby McKinney finds so much more than that underneath the pelican trees....

My Thoughts:  I decided to read and review this book for one simple reason...I was intrigued that this book is authored by A Grateful Believer.  Interesting!  And one simply cannot find the author's name for he choses to remain anonymous.  "He believes the person responsible for writing any particular book is nowhere as important as the message contained in within the pages."  (from the last page of the book)
Shelby seems to have it all!  But when her grandfather, Luther, passes away she is not mentioned in his will.  Nothing!  
Shelby feels betrayed and goes into a slump.  Then a few days later she finds a hand written letter from her grandfather that is post dated.
This is where the intrigue, the mystery, the action begin.
This story reminds me of an allegory.  The characters or events in this story represent or symbolize ideas and concepts.  I'm probably reading between the lines but I see Shelby as me...you, the everyday person, the bank deposit box as the Bible, the six dangerous men as the evil that tries to so easily beset us, and the treasure as eternal life.  
I was a little confused by the title, The Pelican Trees, so when I studied this word, pelican, I came up with...the a symbol of self-sacrifice.  So, as I read this book I realized that Christ is our sacrifice and all.in.all this is what the total of this read is about...Christ, our Savior. Because as it states on the dedication page, "This book is dedicated to all who are diligently searching for the Truth."
This is one of those life changing reads written in story form.  A not to be missed read!
*This book was provided for review by the author*
Thank you Grateful Believer!
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