Monday, September 3, 2012

The River by Michael Neale

Book Description:  “You were made for The River . . .”
But something holds him back—the memory of the terrible event he witnessed on The River when he was just five years old—something no child should ever see.Chains of fear and resentment imprison Gabriel, keeping him from discovering the treasures of The River. He remains trapped, afraid to take hold of the life awaiting him.When he returns to The River after years away, his heart knows he is finally home. His destiny is within reach. Claiming that destiny will be the hardest—and bravest—thing he has ever done.
Gabriel Clarke is mysteriously drawn to The River, a ribbon of frothy white

 water carving its way through steep canyons high in the Colorado Rockies. The

 rushing waters beckon him to experience freedom and adventure.
My Review:  Every once in awhile a book comes across my path that

 makes me REALLY think.  To think "outside the box" and to look at what

 the author is trying to get the reader to "see."  Such is the case of this

 book, The River by Michael Neale.
What is the river?  Not water....but an analogy.  For instance, one man's river could be another man's mountain or gulch. A place where one goes, perhaps in their mind to THAT place in time or THAT situation where one had a problem or even a happy place.
In The River Gabriel Clark is actually telling his life story.  It read like a spiritual journey/adventure.  Telling of the God experiences and faith that Gabriel travels through on his road of life.
This is a multifaceted read.  As I mentioned before this book makes the reader take pause and think.  The reader must stay with the author and think!  It's not a fast read in the sense that the reader can just read...this read requires time to think and process.
Not a bad read just not as interesting to me.  Maybe because I had to stop and think so much.  This is a deep. thought provoking read!  So, if you enjoy reading with lots of thought this is the book for you!
*This book was provided by BookSneeze/Thomas Nelson Publishing*
  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson (September 18, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1401688489
  • ISBN-13: 978-1401688486

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  1. I had seen this book and wondered about it. Thanks for your thoughts and the review. Hope you have a great week! :O)