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{Kregel Publications Blog Tour} Secret of the Journal ~Mortal Fire by C.F.Dunn

Book Description: When Emma D'Eresby - a 29 year-old, self-contained Professor of History - leaves her Cambridge college for a post in an exclusive university in Maine, USA, she hopes to learn more about a curious 17th-century journal in the College library. Instead, it leads her to a secret that should never have been uncovered. In the States, Emma meets the enigmatic 33-year-old surgeon, Matthew Lynes, a quiet and thoughtful widower. Driven to learn more about him, Emma takes the unique journal from the College library in which she believes there are clues to his family's English past. Meanwhile, the sinister Professor Kort Staahl mounts a psychotic attack on her. Matthew's courageous intervention saves her, but as he nurses her back to health, his unusual attributes raise questions he is unwilling to answer. As Part One ends, she returns to her claustrophobic family, avoiding her domineering father and wrestling with despair ...

My Review:  Mortal Fire~ Secret of the Journal by C.F Dunn is probably one of the best romantic thriller's that I've had the pleasure to read!  
This is not my usual genre of reading and because the cover has a rather "odd" look I was hesitant to read this book.  But being enticed by the title, Mortal Fire, I quickly opened to the first chapter.  Well, the rest is history (no pun intended)....
This fascinating read had me at "It must have happened only minutes before."  The very first line of the story!
Of course, after reading that line...I had to know!  What happened just minutes before?  What crisis took place and who was involved?
Well, apparently Emma, a twenty-nine year old, professor/doctor of history, from Cambridge (that's in England, ya know), has witnessed an unpleasant accident.  But the story isn't about the accident, it's about the people who are there....those involved and then the story literally takes off.
Emma is the strong kind of young woman who has studied and apprenticed and knows where she is headed.  And she has chosen to take this professorship so that she can look for a long lost 17th century journal...a journal with secrets.  Are some secrets too much to bring to light?  
There is a small group of people in this read that revolve around the university where Emma teaches.  Some of the historical  subject matter that Emma teaches about is best defined as gruesome but it is a part of history.  Interestingly enough, this part of history seems to making it's way into the campus.
The twists and turns of Emma's teaching at the campus, the friends she makes, and the life of the university are all very real.  Makes one feel the dampness of the chilled night or the creepy sounds of the wind blowing as Emma heads, alone, back to her flat/small apartment.
This read, Mortal Fire, is one fantastic work of art!  The romance is light with the emphasis on the missing journal that Emma seeks.  Gothic!  Mysterious!  Romantic!  All rolled into one great read!  This is a not to be missed story!  
*One word of caution, however, don't begin this read before going to bed for you won't be able to put this book down and may sleep through your morning alarm*
*This book was provided for review by Kregel publications*
Meet the Author: 

To read the first chapter go Here!
Be sure to visit C.F. Dunn's web page Web Page!

  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Monarch Books (August 1, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0857212028
  • ISBN-13: 978-0857212023

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