Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Heaven Help Helen Sloan by J.R. Lucas

Book Description:  Follow along for a year in the life of Helen Sloane---a young woman struggling with faith, doubt, love, and life---through a series of hilarious, poignant journal entries. Helen’s stories of church life, her new job as a social worker, and the antics of friends and family, are challenging and engaging, written with refreshing honesty.

My Review:  Helen Sloan is an honest, witty and sometimes just plain funny in her view of life!  Helen is single and making her way through some rough patches in life but she does it all with heaven's help.
The reader gets to view Helen's life through her journal.  I'm not one to read another person's journal but this journal is open for viewing and the reader gets a glimpse of a young woman trying to make her way down life's road.
To be honest this was not an easy read for me...reading journal entires lost me sometimes and I had to go back and try to pick up the train of thought.   And maybe, because, there seems to be an unusual "accent" in Helen's writings, something like a Brit with Americanized slang?  But as the reader continues reading the entries the nuggets of truth are great!
I liked Helen's fresh honesty and her sense of humor in situations; however, I didn't like reading the story in journal entries for it made the read seem "uneven."  It's not a smooth flowing fiction story so probably not the best way for me to read.  But if you enjoy reading journal entries then this book is for you!

Jeff Lucas is a bestselling author of fourteen books, including Lucas on Life, How Not to Pray, and Grace Choices. He is on the leadership team of Spring Harvest and is a teaching pastor at Timberline Church in Colorado, where he lives with his wife, Kay.
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