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{Blogging Bistro Blog Tour} Hidden In Dreams by Davis Bunn

Book Description: It’s not about understanding the prophecy. It’s about outliving it.
Dr. Elena Burroughs’s life is spiraling out of control. Her controversial stance on dream interpretation has cost her a job, a romance, and all credibility in academic circles. Her literary agent tries to leverage the outcry into a publicity tour, which soon attracts a quirky following. Among the skeptics and mystics is a condescending scientist. But Elena finds his research holds ominous parallels with her own. A certain dream pattern has foretold every major catastrophe stretching back to the dawn of civilization. And now this dream is repeating itself in countless nightmares across the globe.
Elena is confronted with a harrowing realization: the clock is ticking down to a cataclysmic financial collapse. Her desperation mounts as the prediction infiltrates her own dreams. Will this scientist become an unlikely ally—and maybe something more? Could an ancient biblical secret about the power of dreams and visions offer them an escape?

My Review: Having read Book of Dreams by Davis Bunn I was anxious to read about Dr. Elena in Hidden in Dreams.
I must say that Hidden in Dreams truly captivated me and I read spell bound for hours!  
I liked Book of Dreams but Oh!My! Hidden in Dreams is an incredible read!  So real! So true to life! And so pertinent to today's headlines!
One wouldn't have to read the first book, Book of Dreams, to read Hidden in Dreams, but I would highly suggest that you read these two books in order.  Why?  Because Book of Dreams gives the background information, the why of what Dr. Elena does, and one comes to know her friends/colleagues....which is important to the references made in Hidden in Dreams.  
Dr. Elena Burrough's is a strong woman who stands by her beliefs.  In Hidden in Dreams she seems to be a firm believer and her faith doesn't waiver.  She has done much research on dreams but when a few people all over the world begin having the same dream and about the same thing-world financial disaster-she begins to delve into this unknown world.  Low and behold!  She begins to have the same dreams.  This opens up a whole new world.  She is asked to appear on TV and give her view point of this dream world as the banking system all over the world begins to crumble.  Then something "triggers" Dr. Elena's senses and as she delves deeper into this dream world she senses that something "unusual" is happening....this is the mystery of it all!  
One can't help but guess and assume as one reads this book but the ending to this incredible story was not what I was expecting!  
Dr. Elena likes Jacob (from the first book) but he is unkind and harsh.  Now Jacob is back and with an apology and he wants to help Elena.  She gracefully accepts but it is really Dr. Reed the president of the college where she teaches who prays with Elena and helps her.  Jacob is a mere boy compared to the integrity and maturity of Dr. Reed.  
The ADHD drug and its effects is a sideline to this fantastic story.  An intriguing,thought provoking read about drugs and the dream world!
Loved, loved this book! 
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About the Author:

Davis Bunn is the author of over nineteen national bestsellers, and his books have sold over six million copies in sixteen languages. The recipient of three Christy Awards, Bunn currently serves as writer-in-residence at Oxford University.

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