Thursday, July 19, 2012

Annie's Truth by Beth Shriver

Book Description:  After learning the truth about who she really is, can this prodigal daughter be accepted back into the safety and security of home?
Annie Beiler seems to have it all—a loving family in a tight-knit Amish community and the affections of an attractive and respected young man. But when she learns that she was adopted after being found as an abandoned newborn, she sets out on a journey to find out who she is.
Her father is strongly against her decision to leave, as it could mean Meidung, or excommunication from the community and even her family. But Annie knows she must find “the path that has her heart.”
As Annie’s search brings her into the fast-paced world of modern life, she is confronted with all of the temptations she was warned of. Can she make her way back to the order and security of her family? Or will she remain an outsider—torn between her two worlds?

My Review:  This is the first book in the Touch of Grace by Beth Shriver.  I was excited to read this book since it is Amish fiction and a mystery!  
Annie Beiler is a blessed young lady who seems to!  A loving family surrounds her with faith, laughter and friends. Until she and her sister receive permission to go through her mother's hope chest where Annie discovers her childhood Bible.  After unwrapping it she opens it up and notices that only her mother and birth date are penned in.  After questioning her parents  Annie discovers that she is, in fact, adopted.  This discovery, well, kind of turns her world upside down!
Katie wants to leave and seek her "real" family.  Her Amish daad is dead.set.against this idea...afraid that Annie will be disappointed AND excommunicated from the only world she's ever known.
Annie's Truth is aptly titled for it is only a truth that Annie must seek and the choices she must make for herself!
This is not your "usual" Amish read.  The subject of adoption in the Amish community is the core of this read...the mystery of finding out where one truly belongs and how the life of the family truly filtrates into a child's everyday, growing up years.  
If you enjoy a good, clean mystery that is about the true love and friendship then don't miss the wonderful read!
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Meet the Author: 
Beth Shriver received a degree in social work and psychology from the University of Nebraska. She worked as a caseworker for Boulder County Department of Social Services before starting a family. Beth and her husband, two children, along with two cats, a beagle, and a fish named Fish live in Texas after moving from their first home in Colorado. She freelances for the local papers in her area and writes columns, devotionals for magazines, and novels in a variety of genres in both fiction and nonfiction.

  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Realms (May 15, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 161638607X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1616386078

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