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Book  Description:  Some things weren’t meant to be discovered. Three people are each drawn to the small town of Beckon, Wyoming. A young anthropologist researches a Native American legend and makes a terrifying discovery. An ex-cop investigating her cousin’s disappearance finds herself in grave peril. And an aging businessman is lured by the promise of a miracle. One by one they discover the town’s ghastly secret. The only question is . . . will any of them make it out alive?

My Review:  I'm not a fan of sci-fi or out of this world space adventures but my curiosity was piqued as I read the description of this read.  So, I thought why not have a change of pace and read something out of my "normal genres?"  
I love the cover of this book...that was another selling point for me...but as I began reading this story I thought this isn't weird as at all.  In fact. this story begins like a mystery.  A son, a missing dad, a friend, and a mystery to solve.
There's just something about Jack that makes the reader feel at home...a likable guy, with a good head on his shoulders and kind.
Then there's Jack's best friend, Rudy, a true blue kind.of.friend.  
So, off Jack and Rudy head to find Jack's missing father.  Jack and Rudy meet Ben, an Indian of sorts, who knows the lay of the land and the caves.  Ben helps Jack and Rudy find their way.
Now about chapter 14, page 115, the reader feels like he has stepped into the Twilight Zone.  Ben And Jack are trying to find their way out of the caves and come in contact with the N'watu tribe...underground cave dwellers.  This is where the action really begins and where the story starts coming together.
Then other people begin coming...Elina, Javier, George, Dwight, and Miriam, to name a few.  Jack can't quite figure it all out but there is something strange happening....
I loved this read and found the ending..."Welcome to Beckon.  You're not here by chance." almost ironic considering the whole of the story.  
A great read!
*This book was provided for review by Tyndale*
Meet the Author:
Tom Pawlik is the Christy Award-winning author of Vanish, which also won first place in the 2006 Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel contest. The sequel, Valley of the Shadow, was a Christy Award finalist. Tom has a BA in communication and works in the marketing field. He has also been active in Christian teaching, youth work, and music for over 20 years. In addition to writing fiction, Tom is an accomplished songwriter and musician who writes and records at his home studio. He and his wife, Colette, live in Ohio with their five children.

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April 2012
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