Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something New (Plain City Bridesmaids) Book 2 by Dianne Christner

Book Description:  Return to Plain City, Ohio, where lifelong goals open paths to something new. Lil Landis aspires to become a head chef…a far cry from her Conservative Mennonite upbringing. But as she chases after her dream, problems seem to hinder her every move—from her mother’s depression to her family’s failing farm. Veterinary student Fletch Stauffer comes to the Landis farm with some goals of his own. But as Fletch is drawn deeper into deceptive ambitions, he finds himself falling for spunky Lil and at odds with his dream. Will determination cloud their thoughts until their goals—and love—disappear?

My Review:  Having read Something Old, Plain City Bridesmaids) I anxiously awaited Something New by Dianne Christner.
These are stand.alone reads but if you read Something Old you will understand the sharing of secrets and the sharing of the dawdy haus by three friends, Lil, Katy and Megan.  
We know that Katy is happily married and a great friend to Lil.  Katie is also staunch in her Mennonite faith and does not variate by any means.  Lil, however, loves excitement and action.  She also loves food!
It seems that Lil's dreams are going to come to a dead end when her mother can't/won't come out of her depression...but enter Fletch.  Ah!  sweet, kind Fletch! Who makes Lil's heart flutter. 
But Lil isn't your typical Mennonite girl..she trims her hair and cuts her bangs.  She would (and has worn shorts and jeans) be the first to say that the "church" stifles some of her life.  But her trust in God never wavers.
Little is said of Megan in this read or even in the first read, so my guess is that the third book will Megan's story.  We do know that Megan's heart leans towards missions  and that she had a "crush" on a married man but that fell by the way side...then his brother takes over for him while he tries to get his life back together...I think the third book will take off with Megan and this brother. {smile}
If you enjoy reading about the Amish then you'll love this read.  Even though it's not about the Amish faith but about the Mennonites {kissing cousins to the Amish}.  
Dianne Chrsitner writes an excellent description of dealing with depression and how it affects the members of your family...no matter what your faith.
The spicy of story of Lil makes for a great read!  I loved this book and will {im}patiently wait for the third book!
*This book was provided by Net Galley/Barbour Books*
Meet the author:
Dianne Christner lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Her Mennonite background brings authenticity to her new contemporary series about the plain people. Before this, she had several historical fictions published. Dianne is a member of Romance Writers of America, American Christian Fiction Writers, Christian Writers of the West, and National Association of Professional Women. She invites you to visit her website and blog.

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