Friday, February 3, 2012

On A Whim {Katie Weldon Series #2} by Robin Jones Gunn

Book DescriptionAs she heads toward college graduation, Katie’s life begins to change and she must decide what to hold on to and what to let go of. The second book in the Katie Weldon series renews the bond between Katie, Christy, Todd, and Rick as they embrace adulthood.

My Review:  I absolutely love! any book written by Robin Jones Gunn and I love, love the Katie Weldon Series.  
After reading the first book, Peculiar Treasures, it was exciting to read about Katie's life during her  senior year of college.
Like most of us, Katie's life isn't perfect.  She struggles with the where and the when and what is the most important in her life.
Her senior year of college brings so many decisions!  And then, there's more than one guy!  Rick is such.a.dear!  But so busy and his roommate, Eli!  Well, he takes time to gaze at the stars! 
Life is handing Katie some not so great moments . . . family dynamics, a broken hearted car and romance.  Katie learns that through it all she must trust in the Lord!
This is one of those exciting and lovable reads!  Reading about Katie and her friends is like opening the family photograph one's a stranger! 
Even though each of the Katie Weldon books can be read alone, I suggest that you read them in order because you'll understand all that is going on in Katie's wonderful world.
Once again, Robin brings us the best of Katie!
*This book was provided by Zondervan*   

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