Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Wayward Son by Tom Pollack with Jim Alves and John Loftus

Book Description: A Powerful Tremor Unearths an Ancient Secret.
Buried near Italy’s Mt. Vesuvius is a fortified observatory containing artifacts dating to the earliest record of human events. Only one person—the Getty Museum’s Amanda James—can unlock the mysterious doors that guard the chamber.
But once inside, Amanda is shocked to discover evidence left behind by a notorious Biblical killer—who long ago wandered off the pages of history.
When a strange relic unveils the miraculous truth about this villain, Amanda must confront sinister forces intent on suppressing her stunning revelation—before it alters the destiny of millions.
The first novel in a series, Wayward Son propels the reader back in time, where epic adventures in Egypt, Greece, China and Rome collide with modern-day intrigue and suspense. Journey with Amanda and witness the extraordinary saga of the world's original Wayward Son!
My Review:  The Wayward Son reminded me of a mix between Indiana Jones and National Treasure...treasure seekers of ancient, historical artifacts.  
As we journey with Amanda James into the world of ancient secrets, uncovered by archaeologists, the secret of a wayward son from long ago biblical days is uncovered.  Here is where the authors lost me.  I love the way this read begins and to be honest they had my attention up to page 106...Then chapter 13, page 107, begins with a scripture quote from Genesis 7:11, where the rains begin to fall and Noah and his 5 family members with the animals are safely ensconced in the ark.  Cain is there also!  I know this IS fiction but really!  Cain?!?!  The son of Adam.  And the Bible clearly tells us that Noah and his FIVE family members were on the ark.  Sorry, this part totally ruined the read for me. 
I was truly disappointed in this read.  It had such great potential starting out.  It's well written, lots of excitement, and the hint of romance along with great foods.  
I just feel that authors have an obligation, even when writing fiction, to present the truth.  An unsaved person could read this book and be confused that Cain was on the ark with Noah.  
*This book was provided by GlassRoad PR for review*
  • Paperback: 512 pages
  • Publisher: Cascada (November 4, 2011)
  • Language: English

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