Thursday, November 10, 2011

Triple Dog Dare {One Year Dynamic Devotions for Boys} by Jeremy V. Jones

Book Description:  So you think devotions are nothing but boring “quiet times” for wimpy kids and goody-two-shoes? Think again. Being a young man of God is all about action. Really. Remember how David slew Goliath, Daniel faced those lions, Paul survived a shipwreck, and Jesus stood up for a woman about to be killed? God made boys to take His truth and do something with it, to man up and change the world. Think of this book as your action plan for just that.
These devotions will challenge you to live a bold, action-packed life for God. Every day you’ll read a little Scripture and a short truth about being God’s man. But then you’ll be dared to put it into action. You’ll roll up your sleeves and take on dares like drawing a comic strip, collecting school supplies for needy kids, or creating your own movie. Are you up for the challenge? We triple dog dare you!

My Review:  Devotionals seem to come in all types and sizes. So, when I decided to pick a devotional for my tween son I had many choices.  So many choices that I couldn't really decide...until i saw the Triple Dog Dare by Jeremy Jones.  
Why this devotional?  Well....maybe because my tween son and his cousins like the saying, "I triple dog dare you." or maybe because the cover seems "boy friendly" or because it easy to read and comprehend...okay, I liked all three of the fore mentioned objectives.
About half way through the book is a devotional labeled Monday (there are no dates just days of the weeks), TRUTH.  This devotional has a Be Quiet time...the heart of what the reader needs and then across the page is the TRIPLE DARE~three things for the reader to do that increases spiritual life.  Then at the bottom of the page is a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED section where the reader writes what was gleaned from this lesson.
It's a great devotional but I suggest that a parent "do" the devotional with the makes a greater impact and truthfully, not many boys will read this on their own . . . boys need action so take action today and read a devotional with your son.
*This book was provided for review by The B&B Media Group, Inc.*

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  1. Wish I'd had something like this available when my son's were young.