Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Spirit of Texas an Astonishing Story of a Pioneer Rancher's Family & Their Mighty State by Winston Menzies

Book Description:  The Spirit of Texas: A Biography of William Menzies, West Texas Rancher, is reflective of a completely different aspect of his life, however, this one honing in on the story of his great grandfather's immigration to Texas in the 1870s and the ranching empire he subsequently founded. Through the pages of The Spirit of Texas, Winston not only introduces us to his own family, but also offers us an in-depth look at many of the people, politics, and events that have shaped the state from its inception to the present day. It is a must read for anyone who loves Texas or would like to get to know her better.

My Review:  As a long time resident of the great state of Texas this book, The Spirit of Texas by Winston Menzies, caught my interest.  I can't imagine living in the rugged country of Texas BEFORE it was established.
On page 119, winston writes about Primitive Living, "During the late 1800's house on the west Texas frontier were primitive.  There were no screens on their windows-if they had windows.  No electricity, no refrigerator, no washing machine, and no air conditioning."   As hot as it gets in Texas I simply cannot imagine living without air conditioning!  
Winston writes about Texas (mostly about Menard County) with the fervor of a man that has been born and bred in a land that he has not only learned to love but land where he has invested his blood, sweat and tears.
This is a wonderful resource for learning or maybe even reminiscing about the BIG state of Texas!  
I love the end, the Epilogue, "God help us to at least leave it the way we found it, and hopefully, by His grace, make it even better."  This is how most Texans feel about their great state!  
This is a grand and easy read with ever SO much history and learning with fabulous pictures that depict/show the pioneers, the work and the Texas tools (guns, wagons, etc.).  
This nice hardback book is a great gift book for the history buff, a Texan who loves his state or a "wannbe Texan."
*This book was provided for review by B&B Media Group, Inc.*
Meet the Author: 
WINSTON pastors Greater Grace Church, a non-denominational, spirit-filled church in Covington. He also oversees an evangelical ministry serving a number of prisons, jails and youth development centers in the north Georgia area. He is the director of Cars for Christ, Manna Ministries (gives food to the needy) and the Shepherd's House, a residential recovery home helping troubled youth restructure their lives.

AS AN AUTHOR Winston has written a dozen books on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from simple how-to steps for building a debt-free home to practical guidance for living a more fulfilled life in Christ. Following the adage to "write what you know" Winston's choice of subject matter, like his life, reflects the rugged individualism that is his heritage.
As the son of a World War II instructor pilot, Winston followed suit, commissioned as a lieutenant in the United States Army upon his graduation from Texas A&M. After a successful military career, he then entered the private sector, enjoying additional success in the areas of real estate, building and design before being called into the ministry at the age of 44. His writing expresses the wide range of both secular and spiritual experiences he has enjoyed.

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