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The Power of Positive Fitness Maximizing Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health John M. Rowley

Book Description:  The Power of Positive Fitness is a ''whole person'' fitness plan that will quickly give you the energy you need to live an inspired life.
The self help, fitness, and spiritual communities have tended to segment a person's life into isolated parts. Not this book. This book is passionate about seeing every dimension of your life developed to its fullest--being physically, mentally, and spiritually fit and living a lifestyle that supports your life. John Rowley, author, speaker, television and radio personality, and Wellness Director for the International Sports Science Association, will help bring your physical, mental, and spiritual goals to reality as you follow a plan you will find doable and enjoyable.
John includes a section depicting the lifestyle habits of over forty busy people from varied backgrounds. It's a diverse group, but you will see a pattern of a structured lifestyle that will assist you in designing your own Power of Positive Fitness Lifestyle. Read this book by America's Lifestyle Strategist and watch the positive effect on every aspect of your life.

My Review:  This past summer I've tried to retrain myself in the way I eat.  I chose to eat health foods (i.e. more veggies and proteins) and no or practically no, carbs.  It worked!  I'm down 25 pounds!  But I would like to lose my last 15 pounds but am stalled so when I saw this book, The Power of Positive Fitness, I was intrigued. 
Now I was thinking fitness as in running, walking, treadmills and so on but as I read this book I realized the power of positive fitness really stems from within.  On page 69, John Rowley tells us that, "What goes in your head is much more important than what goes in your mouth because one directs the other."  This statement is truly important and SO true!  I found that if I don't direct my mind to getting better <leaving out the "bad foods" that I sabotage myself and end up ending ALL wrong and feeling yucky.
John Rowley gives great helpful ideas to combat and but change your lifestyle, change your mind set and above all else make yourself better  . . . "Your mental, physical, and spiritual health is your responsibility, not the responsibility of your doctor, pastor, or psychiatrist." (page 85).  This statement plainly and truthfully puts the responsibility right where it belongs-with me (or in your case, with you!).  No one can make you eat right, exercise or even get more sleep.  You are responsible for your life and this is a great read to help you get back on the right eating path.  
Mr. Rowley also gives great ideas for planning and scheduling so that you don't sabotage your mindset.  I found that if I grocery shop ahead of time, have healthy foods on hand to eat and bake with, that I will eat right and lose weight.  
Close to the end of the book, chapter 16, on page 191, there are Positive Fitness Interviews...testimonials of people who went through The Power of Positive Fitness.  Real people with real weight problems who overcame not just by eating healthier foods by incorporating exercise into their daily regime.  To me the biggest factor was also having a devotional time that allowed me to a have "spiritual exercise" and beginning my day better!  
It's SO true that all three parts of our lives- physical, mental and spiritual-exercise do work together.
If you are stalled in your weight loss, need to gain more control of your eating, or simply want to add a better regime to your life then this is definitely the book for you! 
*This book was provided for review by ACU Press & Leafwood Publishers*
Meet the Author:
John Rowley is an author, speaker and contributor to much of the media including Fox News and Martha Stewart. He has earned the title "America's Lifestyle Strategist" by inspiring millions to become physically, mentally and spiritually fit. John's greatly anticipated new book, The Power of Positive Fitness ~ Restoring Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health will be out in September 2011.
A native of New York, Rowley started out working as a janitor after his athletic career was cut short by a near fatal car accident. He eventually made a name for himself in the toughest real estate market in the world--Manhattan. John quickly became one of the youngest senior vice presidents in Manhattan real estate, managing some of the most prestigious properties on Park Avenue and the upper east side of New York, including the holdings of such notables as Harry and Leona Helmsley.
John then stretched his entrepreneurial wings by purchasing R&J Health Studio, the Brooklyn gym that gained international attention when it was featured in the movie, Pumping Iron, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.
Today, John is the CEO of Rowley's Results Unlimited and is widely recognized as a peak performance and fitness expert who routinely consults with celebrities, athletes, and business people alike, helping them to revitalize their bodies and ignite their passion, purpose, and drive for excellence.
John, his wife Cathy and their four children, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren live in Raleigh NC.

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