Friday, November 4, 2011

Love Inspired Princess In Peril {Reclaiming the Crown} by Rachelle McCalla

Book Description:  A KINGDOM DIVIDED When insurgents attack the king’s motorcade, scattering the royal family, bodyguard Levi Granaldo has one goal—to protect the princess. Even though he knows Princess Isabelle distrusts him. On the run together, they fl ee to New York, to the shelter of a sanctuary established by Levi’s father. But their safety can’t last. After a surprise attack divides the pair, Isabelle is forced to face some hard truths. The danger she’s in is getting deadlier by the day…and she’ll never be able to face it without Levi by her side. Reclaiming the Crown: Born to rule with faith, honor…and love.

My Review:  Sometimes a small book packs the most punch!  Such is the case with Princess In Peril by Rachelle McCalla.  This book begins with a motorcade of the royal family being blown to bits by insurgents but focuses on just one car-Princess Isabella's.  Unbeknowst, to Isabella her father had an "inkling" that something might be amiss so he made plans to change Isabella's body guard.  Levi is now Isabella's bodyguard.  He takes his job very seriously and he is good at it.
The mystery and challenge of trying to find out why the insurgents want the royal family dead is intriguing.  And trying to find the "who" is behind this terrible action is a mystery that Isabella and Levi must track down.
This was a most believable read and truly enjoyable.
This read is filled with action, suspense, action, romance, action and faith.  This is probably my all time favorite Love Inspired book for 2011.  I can't wait for the second book in reclaiming the crown series!

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