Friday, November 25, 2011

Journey To Christmas {dvd}

DVD DescriptionJourney to Christmas is a fascinating new reality DVD series that invites you to explore Jesus' birth through five modern-day explorers. Shot on ultra high-definition film and packaged as a four-part DVD church curriculum, this unique study series chronicles the experiences of five very different people- a messianic Jew, a First Nations woman, a poet, a Christian radio personality, and an agnostic lawyer- as they journey through the Holy Land to discover the true meaning of Christmas. Guided by a local historian (Nizar Shaheen) with on-camera commentary from a team of Bible experts (astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross, ancient history expert Dr. Paul Maier, archeologist and New Testament scholar Dr. Craig Evans, Biblical times culture expert Claire Pfann, and others), viewers will see the Christmas story unfold though the eyes of each member on this unique pilgrimage.
My Review:  I rarely review dvds but when I see one that is worthy of praise then I like to tell everyone so that they, too, can enjoy a great story/documentary!
Journey To Christmas may become that ONE dvd that you and your family just have to view for the holiday because as the title sates, Journey To Christmas, is exactly that...a journey to the Holy Land at Christmastime with 5 average Canadians: a messianic Jew, a First Nations woman (or as we would call her~Native American), a poet, a Christian radio personality, and an agnostic lawyer. An interesting mix of personalities and beliefs.
Even if you don't like the participants (not really sure why these particular people were chosen...they seemed like weak tea to me)  the photography is worth the watch!  And the journey, well let me just say...Wow!  Eye opening!  Walk where Jesus the Savior walked *a little teary eyed here.  To actually watch the journey of our Savior's footsteps.  To see the impact one, lowly Man had upon the earth!
The discussion guide is weak but we didn't use it for a group study just a family conversation booster. 
A great dvd to begin your Christmas journey!
*This dvd was provided for review by Tyndale Publishing*

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