Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{GlassRoad Blog Tour} Precisely Terminated by Amanda L. Davis

Book Description:  With microchips implanted in their skulls at birth, the slaves of Cantral and Cillineese have labored under the tyrannical rule of the nobles and their computers for centuries. Monica, a noble who avoided the implanting and escaped a death sentence at the age of four, is now sixteen and is in hiding. She lives with the slaves inside the walls of the Cantral palace, pretending to be one of them while the slave council plots a way to use her chip-less state to destroy the all-powerful computers that strike down any hint of rebellion.

The fate of millions rides on Monica's shoulders. As the only chip-less person in the world, she must find a way to destroy the computers and free Cillineese from the nobles' iron fist before they strike with the ultimate punishment--death for everyone inside the city walls.

My Review:  The cover of this book scared me a bit.  So, I put off reading it for a week!  I seriously do not like horror reads so looking at the cover made me think of zombies.  But I ran out of books to read, so I picked up Precisely Terminated by Amanda L. Davis.
First of all, I can hardly fathom that a teenager wrote this incredible book!  After I began reading I realized why the cover was illustrated with this picture and then I saw a dust covered slave and not a zombie.  
WOW! What a read!  
It's a VERY fast paced story.  I kept turning the pages to see what would happen next!  AND the emotion!  Let me tell you my heart went out to the slaves and I kept rooting and waiting for the final outcome.  <written very realistically!>
This story starts out fast and furious and there's no let up!  
Monica is a noble and by a hand of fate does not have a chip/a sensor embedded in the base of her skull.  Monica is the only hope the slaves have for freedom. For a person without a chip/sensor is a person who is  free to go wherever he wishes.  The chips that are embedded on the slaves and even the nobles are controlled by a master computer.  If one person gets out of his place/his structure then sharp warnings are sent through the chip.  Three warnings (the sharp pains start out light and then gets sharper) and by the third warning if one is not back in his place ~ DEATH!  Horrible electrocution! The chip even dictates when a slave gets up, takes a bath, eats and sleeps.  Going to the restroom seems to be the only "me time."
The slaves are like quiet mice that do ALL the work for the nobles.  The salves use tunnels throughout the gigantic castle/kingdom. Even the young children are given tasks to complete with their mothers.
Monica was kidnapped by loving slaves because she is their only hope for freedom.  Without a chip she can somehow get to the computer and somehow she will have destroy it.  However, Monica's life is not easy!  She lives, eats and acts like slave even though she doesn't have a chip embedded in her skull.  She must wear a dead person's chip so that she can eat, bath and access different regions of the kingdom.  And then the computer terminates the dead person after it learns of his death.  A precarious life!  
What a story and the title, Precisely Terminated,  accurately describes the slaves lives!  Not a gruesome note in this fantastic read!  
This is a story of supreme sacrifice for the good of all!  Love for others reigns!  I loved this read!  *Note to self:  Don't judge a book by its cover*
*This book was provided for review by GlassRoad PR*
Meet the Author:
Amanda L. Davis is the award-winning teen author of the Cantral Chronicles, a dystopian trilogy. She enjoys reading and writing and comes up with new novel ideas while spinning yarn or running on the roads near her home. She was born and raised a Florida girl and loves the warmth of the South.

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  1. Not normally my type of read, but I actually found it quite enjoyable. Can't wait to read the next book in the series!