Friday, November 18, 2011

The Future Door {No Place Like Holmes, Book 2} by Jason Ethcoe

Book Description:  A mystery is afoot at 221 Baker Street, but will Griffin Sharpe be able to figure out the clues before the future catches up with the past?
When Sherlock Holmes moves out of Baker Street, a new tenant moves in-a mysterious woman named Elizabeth who has long been a fan of Holmes. When she discovers that Griffin and his uncle are also detectives, she becomes very friendly. So when Elizabeth goes missing along with a special invention, Griffin sets out to rescue her.  But finding Elizabeth will take them on a race against the clock that bends time itself!

My Review:  Having met Griffin and his uncle,Rupert, in the first book, No Place Like Holmes, we were excited to read The Future Door!
Though it's not absolutely necessary to read book one, No Place Like Holmes, I would highly recommend reading it before reading this book 2, The Future Door.
Jason Ethcoe writes an interesting tale using a twelve year-old boy who uses his deductive reasoning...just like Sherlock Holmes.
One can't help but like Griffin.  He's a smart, savvy but uncomplicated young man.  He is also very observant which helps him solve complicated mysteries.
In The Future Door, my eleven year old son loved the way the read begins~a lot of action and a gatling gun!  As the gun is "going off"  . . .Griffin and his uncle are being shot at, Griffin notices that the shooter is a woman!  This begins a wonderful mystery full of action and chases!  So, Griffin and his uncle set out to find the elusive Elizabeth.
We love this series designed for 9-12 year olds (but as an adult I loved the reads too).  Great reads make for great presents! 
*This book was provided by BookSneeze/Thomas Nelson Publishing*

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