Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nearing Home by Billy Graham

Book Description“I never thought I would live to be this old.”

In this moving narrative, Billy Graham once again takes up the pen not only to share his personal experience of growing older but also teach us some important lessons on how to view our time here on Earth. He says that the Bible makes it clear that God has a specific reason for keeping us here. So what is His purpose for these years, and how can we align our lives with it? How can we not only learn to cope with the fears and struggles and growing limitations we face but actually grow stronger inwardly in the midst of these difficulties?
In what may be his most powerful message of the last decade, Billy Graham speaks to all on this side of Heaven as he covers the importance of four key areas:
Building strong foundations and understanding the gift of years
Facing life’s transitions, including the passing of years, retirement, and when loved ones die
Making wise decisions
Understanding our glorious hope
“In this book I invite you to explore with me not only the realities of life as we grow older but the hope and fulfillment and even joy that can be ours once we learn to look at these years from God’s point of view and discover His strength to sustain us every day. I pray that you and I may learn what it means not only to grow older, but, with God’s help, to grow older with grace.”

My Review:  Sometimes in our lives there are people who impact our life, not because we know them intimately or talk to them face to face but because they have been a "national icon."  Such is the case of Billy Graham's life~ A true "icon" in the christian world...a spiritual leader who simply told God's truths and could tell it in 25 minutes. 
I grew up with parents who always watched the Billy Graham crusades on TV and two people in our church were saved at one of his crusades.  So, reading Nearing Home was like reading the pages of a loved ones journal.   Sweet, words of wisdom, inspirational insights and portrayal of a God through the life of a saint. 
This is a wonderful, insightful read.  So glad to read of a life well lived and enjoyed understanding more of the four key areas that Billy Graham thoughtfully expounds on.  Building strong foundations and understanding the gift of years was truly the most inspirational key to me.  Growing old and becoming useless are not synonymous words to the saint with gray hair.  Actually, age and experience and leading your family in faith like Abraham is a great gift to our family and loved ones.  This is a great gift book to give for the approaching holiday!
*This book was provided for review by BookSneeze/Thomas Nelson*

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