Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Autumn Song {Seasons of the Heart #2} by Martha Rogers

Book Description:  It's Texas, 1889, and Daniel Monroe arrives and sets up his practice in the central Texas town of Porterfield. The town welcomes him, and he finds plenty of business in this thriving town. The only drawback is that there are very few young, single women available for marriage. The few who live there are sought after by all the single men and could have their pick for a husband. Kate Muldoon offers to go about getting Daniel a bride, as she has so many others in town. He thinks she is a poor matchmaker and tries finding a mate on his own. How many potential brides will he meet before he finds that the one who shares his faith and dreams has been right under his nose all the time?

My Review:  Autumn Song is the second book in Seasons of the Heart Series by Martha Rogers.  A read that takes us back into the days women getting married at a young age, of men seeking to work and raise a family in a civilized place and of Good God-fearing peoples who followed their hearts.
Kate is twenty three and would like  to be a nurse not a stay-at-home mother....why can't people understand that she wants to help others?
Kate's sister-in-law just can't understand why Kate isn't married at the "old" age of twenty three.  Kate tells her that she "does not intend to marry a rancher or anyone connected to cattle."(p.2)  Soon after, after Kate meets Daniel, the new lawyer, who is coming to stay at the  boardinghouse and practice law in Porterfield.  At first, Kate thinks Daniel might be likable but as they continue to talk she comes to the conclusion that he, too, only sees women in a lesser role...this makes her mad and she is determined not to like him.
Daniel doesn't know what to make of Kate at times and would really like a sweet wife to settle down with and raise a family.  But will he find a girl like that?  
I great read.  Loved the interaction of the characters and the feel of a booming Texas Town in the 1800's.  This is more than a read it's like reading a piece of Texas history.  Also, I love the verse at the beginning of this book ~ "O sing unto the Lord a new song; sing unto the LORD, all the earth."  Psalm 96:1 ~ it describes this book perfectly!
*This book was provided for review by Charisma House Publishing/Realms*

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