Monday, October 24, 2011

{Blog Tour AND GIVEAWAY!} Book of Dreams by Davis Bunn

Book Description:  For Dr. Elena Burroughs, life is divided into two chapters—before and after the death of her husband. Today marks the point that her span of being a wife is equal to her span of being a widow. Even her success as a psychologist and her worldwide acclaim for a book on the interpretation of dreams is dimmed by an unspoken If only. Then a new patient arrives, one so private only her first name is given. Impeccably dressed and escorted by two bodyguards, Sandra recounts a frightening series of recurrent nightmares. Elena agrees to consider her case more carefully, convinced that something ominous may be at work here. Elena's interpretation of her dreams confirms that, indeed, the new patient and her family confront a powerful global network of dangerous forces. As the story unfolds, they face a key question of the Christian life: How do you understand and fulfill the will of God?

My Review:  This has to be one of the MOST intriguing and complex stories that I've ever read!  Simply fabulous! 
The Book of Dreams takes on a persona all its own.  Actually, led me down a path that I've thought about but have never ventured to explore.  After reading Book of Dreams, I'm not sure I'll ever think of dreams the same way again.
This read reminded me a lot of the book of Daniel in the Bible.  How God used dreams to come and teach/remind the people what was needed of them.
Reading this book was like seeing the current news of Wall Street and the banking industry.  The lying and cheating that are affecting good, decent people.  
Dr, Elena is a dream analyzer/interpreter.  She helps people.  Dr. Elena has to come to grips with some of her own issues as she helps a patient, Sandra.  Elena is also a God-fearing woman who believes that God has a purpose and plan.  So, as she analyzes her new high profile patient, Sandra. The question seems to be what is God's plan?  Because Sandra has terrible, off-the charts nightmares that leave her not only depleted but emotionally drained.  There is no easy answer.  But what is happening?  
How Dr. Elena deals with Sandra and her own heart is intriguing.  Throw in the banking/Wall Street complexities and, well, this makes for the best read of the season!  
Don't miss this grand-tastic work of heart!
*Coming in 2012 Hidden Dreams (published by Howard/Simon and Schuster

About the Author:
Davis Bunn did his undergraduate studies at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, where he earned honors degrees in both economics and psychology. He then travelled to London, where he continued this dual approach, earning a Master of Science degree in both industrial psychology and international economics. After teaching at a Swiss university for a year, he entered into a business career that took him to more than 40 countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Davis came to faith at age 28, and began writing two weeks later. Before that point, he had never written anything longer than a business report. He wrote for nine years and completed seven novels before the first was accepted for publication. That book was The Presence, released by Bethany House in 1991. Davis and his wife, Isabella, make their home in Florida for some of each year, and spend the rest near Oxford, England, where they each teach and write. Visit Davis at

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