Monday, August 1, 2011

{Partners In Crime Blog Tour} Missing In Mexico by Stuart Gustafson

Book Description:  Missing in Mexico is a mystery novel set in Los Cabos, Mexico. 19-year old Sarah isn't on the plane home from Mexico. Her parents hire a Stan, and even with local help and promising leads, the PI's unable to find her. Months later he receives a letter offering help to find Sarah, and he jumps on the next plane to Los Cabos. Will this be the break he needs to find her or will she remain missing? 

My Review:  Missing in Mexico is the first of the Mystery Tourism Book Series by Stuart Gustafson, America’s International Travel Expert.  Stuart has flown over one million miles and has been to 27 different countries.  The Los Cabos area of Mexico’s Baja California is one of his favorite places to visit and the location for this book.  
Missing In Mexico begins when Mary, Sarah's friend, realizes that Sarah is missing, just as the plane is about to take off.  Mary frantically beeps the stewardess and tells her that Sarah is missing.  
Sarah is a good kid.  She makes great grades and stays out of trouble so why is she missing?  Her parents hire Stan, the PI (Private Investigator), when they find out that Sarah is missing. 
Stan is on the case!  He goes to Mexico...looking for any trace of Sarah.  He finds that she hasn't been to a lot  of the "American" places like the restaurant where most the Americans eat.  Stan travels throughout the region where Sarah and Mary had vacationed after Sarah's parents returned home.   He meets interesting people and solves the case after taking taking many a wrong turn that finally turns into a "right" turn.
This was a great read!  I truly enjoyed the Spanish words with definitions at the top of every chapter.  One of my favorites on page 111, "confundido - confused.  Estoy confundido por el clima.  I am confused by the weather."  There are also spanish words interspersed throughout the story giving the reader the feel and flavor of being in Mexico.
This is a fast read.  Not a gory or sick murder mystery.  It's an original mystery that has a surprise ending.  
There were no "bad" words; however, there is the mention drinking beer and wine.  
*This book was provided by review by Partners In and the Author*
About the Author: 
Born in Southern California, Stuart moved around a lot because his Dad was in the US Navy. His 
favorite place to live was on Guam in the Marianas Islands, when he was in third and fourth grades. It 
was in sixth grade in Lakewood, CA, that he began his appreciation for mathematics. He started 
writing when he took a Creative Writing class in high school from one his favorite teachers Mrs. Cole. 
His other favorite teacher was Mr. Kaser, who was his math teacher for three years (up through 
Calculus). Stuart received his BA in Mathematics from San Diego State University and his MBA from 
the University of San Diego, where his writing skills really came in handy with many papers to write.

Stuart's primary career has gone the route of computer programmer, program manager, university 
instructor, and business manager. Now retired, he now focuses his attention on writing so others can 
share from his experiences. In 
Questions to Bring You Closer to Dad (co-authored by Robyn Freedman 
Spizman), Stuart draws upon the tragic death of his own father and grandfather to make it easy for 
the reader to gather the memories and feelings, the important things from Dad's life. The 
to Bring You Closer
 series now also includes Questions to Bring You Closer to Mom and Questions to 
Bring You Closer to Grandma & Grandpa

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  1. Wonderful review, Tammy! Thank you so much for participating in the tour with PIC. This sounds like an excellent book and your truly have made me want to read it even more!