Tuesday, July 12, 2011

God Gave Us the World by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Book Description:  Little Cub’s trip to a special museum exhibit, “Bears Around the World,” sparks a flurry of questions from the young polar bear who is just beginning to learn about life beyond her North Pole home.  

As Mama Bear shares with her about the different types of places that God has put the various types of bears, with their different kinds of fur and food, Little Cub begins to wonder: Why didn’t God make us all the same?
With Mama’s loving guidance, Little Cub is taught to see the vastness of God’s wonderful creation; His abilities as an amazing, inventive Creator; His desire for us to care for our world, and especially the important lesson that…
“Every bear has a special place in God’s great, big world.”
This adorable story offers young children who are discovering their place in God’s big world an opportunity to learn about the wonder of diversity, the gift of creativity, the importance of caring for His gifts, and how each child-each creation-is special to God. 

My Review:  "The whole world is like a mirror of God's work."  Mama Bear tells cub.  And this is what the story, God Gave Us the World is all about. 
Little Cub is like most curious children. She asks questions about life, other bears and the world she lives in.  Being inquisitive and busy Little Cub is trying to find out why she exists.  Mama Bear is ever patient and explains God's ways to Little Bear.  
A visit to the zoo and museum allows Little Bear to glimpse at the vast world God has created for us all. But also brings about questions that include why there are other bears, where do they live and are they like me?
This is a great way to discuss God's plan and how God created the world for us.
Of course, there are other bears that Little Bear meets and other animals plus the different parts of the world that include snow, sand, rain forests and of course, home.
This a sweet book 4 star story geared toward the early reader.  The illustrations match with each page so the child can understand through pictures what is going on in the story.

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