Monday, July 18, 2011

Broken Wings {#4 in Second Chances} by Terri Blackstock

Book Description:  Among the 151 people who died in the crash of Flight 94 was Mick Hammon, the plane's captain and Erin Russell's close friend.
A pilot herself, Erin now struggles with the shattering losses both of her friend and of her own confidence in the cockpit. With pilot error speculated as the cause of the accident, Erin fights to save Mick's reputation for the sake of the family he left behind. But that fight pits her against Addison Lowe, the crash investigator. Like Erin, he is determined to get at the truth of the disaster. But his conclusions could ruin Mick's good name and the future of Mick's family. Clashing over the details of the disaster, Erin and Addison discover an unexpected, mutual attraction for each other. But it could go down in flames as the investigation spins out of control. Broken Wings is part of the Second Chances series by award-winning suspense novelist Terri Blackstock. Combining fast-paced reading with realistic characters and situations, Second Chances takes readers to where the conflict between good and evil becomes the proving grounds of faith.

My Review:  After reading Blind Trust by Terri Blackstock which is #3 in the Second Chance Series, I decided to go back and read this great series that I somehow missed.  
Since I didn't begin with the first book I decided to read #4 Broken Wings.  And I found out that each book stands-a-lone so reading them out of number order doesn't take away from the story line, at all!
Broken Wings takes us on a journey with Erin.  Erin's mentor and good friend, Mick is killed in a plane crash.  A crash where is was the pilot.  Erin cannot understand how Mick who taught her to b ever so careful when flying...following all the rules....could crash a plane and kill 151 people!
Addison is on the case to prove that Mick was not an irresponsible pilot.  Erin decides that she will help Addison discover the truth.  
Loved this exciting read!  The sweet romance between Erin and Addison plus the mystery of Mick's "accident" makes for a grand read!
This is a great series and I'm so glad I've had a chance to read these "oldies" but ever so "goodies!"
*This book was provided for review by Zondervan*

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