Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hostage In Havana . . .The Cuban Trilogy by Noel Hynd

Book Description:  When Alexandra LaDuca illegally enters Cuba on the trail of an unsolved mystery, she gets more than she imagined. The stakes? Her life … plus a decades-old mystery to be solved, a pile of cash, and an unlikely defector. Espionage and unexpected romance smolder together in this exciting thriller set in Cuba’s isolated capital.

My Review:  Noel Hynd brings another great read in Hostage In Havana the first book in the Cuban Trilogy!  
Fiesty U.S. Treasury agent, Alexander LaDuca (Alex for short) has found out that "The Dosi family is planning a counterattack....They've been hired to kill you." (p. 72) In the next few pages the action, the adventure and the romance are all spell bounding!
Alex has two missions that she must accomplish:  First, she must meet up
with Roland Violette, an exiled agent, who has traded names of undercover spies around the world for money, and bring him back to the United States. Secondly, she'll pose as Paul Guarneri's wife so that he can relocate hundreds of thousands of dollars that were hidden somewhere in Cuba by his father before the family escaped  "The Regime."
Then there's that assassin who uses the "a new bullet that was a head of the glass technology used by Mercedes Benz . . . Quite an efficient bit of shooting from a about four hundred meters at a fast-movingcar." (p. 73)
This read is a wonderful mix of smooth talking agents and rough cohorts that creates quite a spicy adventure!
If you've read the Russian Trilogy then you'll be familiar with Alex and the people she met that helped her with her spiritual journey.  If you haven't read the Russian Trilogy you won't be lost when you read this book.
This is one of those GREAT suspense novels that is a must read for summer!
*This book was provided for review by Zondervan*
The Russian Trilogy:

About the Author:
Noel Hynd lives in Culver City, California. He has over four million books in print throughout the world and is the bestselling author of the highly acclaimed novels The Enemy Within, Flowers from Berlin, and Cemetery of Angels, and the previous titles in the Russian Trilogy, Conspiracy in Kiev, Midnight in Madrid, and Countdown in Cairo.

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