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{Glass Road Blog Tour} The Fine Art of Insincerity by Angela Hunt

Book Description:  Three grown Southern sisters have nine marriages between them-and more loom on the horizon-when Ginger, the eldest, wonders if she's the only one who hasn't inherited what their family calls "the Grandma Gene": the tendency to like the casualness of courtship better than the intimacy of marriage. Could it be that her two sisters are fated to serially marry, just like their seven-times wed grandmother, Mrs. Lillian Irene Harper Winslow Goldstein Carey James Bobrinski Gordon George? It takes a "girls only" weekend, closing up Grandma's treasured beach house for the last time, for the sisters to really unpack their family baggage, examine their relationship DNA, and discover the true legacy their much-marrying grandmother left behind . . 
My Review:  I enjoy a good chick flick but when it comes to women's fiction, well let's just say, it's not always my first choice.  But when Angela Hunt pens a novel I know it will be out of the ordinary and filled with realism and emotion.  A read that I won't soon forget!
The Fine Art of Insincerity is filled with baggage!  Who knew that unpacking could be so much fun?!?
Three sisters, three different views and "three for all" ~ as in we are family so we still stick together!
Grandma's beach house must be packed up and so the three sisters meet at said house to pack up a legacy.  Ginger, the oldest; Pennyroyal, the middle sister; and Rosemary, the baby.  
Ginger, the sister with the lasting marriage, the eldest who has memories of sweet times at grandma's wants to go to the beach house to clean it all up and disperse with the furniture and items. 
Pennyroyal (Penny) really doesn't care just as long as she can sell the "things" and get more money....another divorce looms in her horizon and, well, she'll need money to survive!
Rosemary (Rose) is the more emotional sister who can use tears as a language.  She would rather that the  other two sisters just take care of it and tell her all about it but goes to the beach house anyway, mainly to tell her sisters goodbye.
However, Ginger beckons the sisters to all meet at the beach house and so they all do her bidding. "Being firstborn apparently means I am destined to a lifetime of being first on the scene."  Ginger, is the responsible sister but as the sisters come together and begin to share, the memories overtake them and they take a second look at their relationships ~ trying to come to grips with their pasts and consider their futures.
Wow!  Ms. Hunt probes infidelity in marriage, wedges in relationships caused by miscommunication and burying our true feelings.  This read is complex, intricate but above all it  shows how God can heal a broken heart.
You'll truly enjoy this book if you've have sisters you want to draw closer to or if you've ever had a misunderstanding that became a mountain that no one could get around.
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About the Author:

Angela Hunt is the bestselling author of more than 100 books, including The Tale of Three TreesDon't Bet Against MeThe Note, andThe Nativity Story. Her nonfiction book Don't Bet Against Me, written with Deanna Favre, spent several weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. She and her husband make their home in Florida with their dogs. You can learn more at 

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