Friday, May 27, 2011

pitch black by Melody Carlson

Book Description:  If Morgan thought her life was tough before--what with a drug-addicted, klepto brother and a cradle-robbing mother--it just got worse: Her friend Jason took his own life.

Morgan copes--or tries to--by attempting to piece together vague clues that might explain Jason's suicide. Making matters worse, she can't help but feel responsible somehow. Sometimes she thinks maybe Jason had the right idea all along.

This fourth book in the teen fiction series TrueColors deals with the important topics of grief, suicide, self-worth, identity, and handling tragedy.

My Review:  Morgan seems to have a tough life.  Imagine having a mom who acts more like your friend ~ always looking for a younger guy and seemingly trying to "out do" you in the skinny jeans and makeup department.
Morgan's brother is not only addicted to drugs but he's addicted to the thrill of stealing.  Kleptomaniac is one of his "lesser evils."
Morgan doesn't think life can get any worse until a close friend commits suicide.  Morgan feels like all of life is against her and goes into depression.
This is one of those "heart tuggers" of a read.  It makes the reader feel the pain that Morgan is going through and even though this story deals with the negative side of life ~ Melody Carlson delves into the world where teens who don't have parents to "bring" them up ~ deal with SO much more than teens who parents care about their upbringing and help them deal with life-to-life issues.
This is a book that I would consider an "older" teen book or older YA read.  It's not a particularly sweet read but it does bring out what teens face when confronted with parents who have never gotten past their high school years.  Children raising children. 
Ms. Carlson does bring out that God can and will help us when we call out to Him in our time of need....(page 174) ".... Let's remember that God is our help in times of trouble.  And let's remember that God gives us each other to help carry the load when the weight gets too heavy...."
This 4 star read would be great for the unsaved teen.
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  About the Author:

Melody Carlson has written more than 200 books for teens, women, and children. Before publishing, Melody traveled around the world, volunteered in teen ministry, taught preschool, raised two sons, and worked briefly in interior design and later in international adoption. "I think real-life experiences inspire the best fiction," she says. Her wide variety of books seems to prove this theory.

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