Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Marvels of Creation Breathtaking Birds by Buddy & Kay Davis

Book Description:  Full-color, hardcover books chock-full of great information about animals, from black bear to bass. Buddy and Kay Davis, through their love of nature, have written books perfect for Christian education, or just recreational reading.

My Review:  This wonderful book showcases 30 different birds.  There are 78 pages of colorful, invigorating pages that create a wealth of information.  On the last page of the book right before the Bibliography is a page entitled, "Types of Bird Beaks and Their Purposes."  This page has black and white type drawings that show the different ways birds use their beaks.  It also shows the shape of the bird's beak.
One of our favorite birds in this book is the Rainbow Lorikeet which we didn't know existed.  The picture of this colorful bird shows us one of God's most amazing color design.  This bird truly lives up to its name for it looks like a rainbow!  
Each bird has two pages....the first page has a colorful picture of the bird and then on the next page there are about five to six paragraphs describing the bird, telling about its habitat, where the bird is located and what it eats.  Then at the bottom right hand corner of the page is a small "scrap" of paper that gives facts about the bird.  It details its height, life span, special design and a did you know fact.
This is a great asset for any school age child you loves birds or for that backyard bird fan who may want to know more about the birds in his yard.  It is also a great book for school age kids to use for book reports on birds.
I plan to give this lovely book to our great aunt who is a bird enthusiast.  
*This book was provided for review by Master Books A division of New Leaf Publishers*
Book may be bought HERE!

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