Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bombus the Bumblebee by Elsie Larson

Book Description: Meet the portly Bombus, a bumblebee created by God during the creation week, as he struggles to feel good about himself, in the midst of smaller, more mobile honeybees. This delightful, full-color story allows children to see their own uniqueness. The book concludes with some quick facts about bumblebees.

My Review:  I love children's books especially when they have a wonderful message and beautiful illustrations!
Bombus The Bumblebee is a lovely book with a strong biblical message geared towards children.  I was impressed with the vocabulary in this read. The author uses words that describe as well as explain the different parts of a bumblebee.  At the beginning of the read Ms. Larson uses descriptive words such as bobbed, lurched, clumsy and swooping.
Then the story begins with honeybees and the biblical account of God speaking the world into existence and declaring it good. The honeybees notice that Bombus is larger than they are and that he drinks a whole more nectar than they do.  The honeybees begin to resent Bombus so they decide to trick him into thinking that he was a mistake and that he was never created to fly.
The story deals with the fact that Bombus was not a mistake.  God's sweet assurances that Bombus was created for a purpose and plan and that Bombus is fulfilling his plan on earth is the message of this great read.
Everyone is not created to look exactly alike nor do we all serve the same purpose on earth but like Bombus God created us for His glory AND God does not mistakes.
Such a great  5 star read for children (well, actually for all ages).  A lesson that we all need to be reminded of....God loves each and everyone of us because He created eachone of us to be different and unique!
At the back of the book, after the story is completed, there  is a two page spread about bumblebees and the unique way that they are hand crafted by God.  Did you know bumblebees have fur?  Or that they can change direction in midair with their wings?
There are also discussion pages and a few pages that have fun, creative activities to do and make that are all inspired from the book! David and Elizabeth Haidle have done a marvelous job in illustrating this amazing book!  The illustrations bring this book "to life."  Bombus The Bumblebee is the first book in a series of two by Elsie Larson and illustrators David and Elizabeth Haidle.  This book is published by Master Books and can be bought HERE!
*This book was provided for review by New Leaf Press*

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