Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Blackberry Bush by David Housholder

Book Description:  Who are You, and what are you doing here?
Two babies—Kati and Josh—are born on opposite sides of the world at the very moment the Berlin Wall falls. You'd think such a potent freedom metaphor would become the soundtrack for their lives, but nothing could be further from the truth.
Despite his flawless image, Josh, an artistic and gifted California skateboarder, struggles to find his true role in the world, and his growing aggression eventually breaks him.
Kati, a German with a penchant for classic Swiss watches and attic treasure-hunting, is crushed with disappointment for never being “enough” for anyone—most especially her mother.
Craving liberation, Kati and Josh seem destined to claim their birthright of freedom together. After all, don't the “chance” encounters transform your life…or are they really chance?

My Review:  The Blackberry Bush by David Housholder is one of those reads that beckons the reader from the Prologue.  As I began reading the Prologue I was enthralled with this story.
The story of two families, two kids and two different "lands." 
The story is told in the first person point of view, switching between Katie and Josh as they each tell their story.  
Reading about Katie's life and Josh's life was like reading a story of two sweet kids growing up and the choices and "chances" that greet them along the way.  This read made me truly take a look at "chances" in our lives. 
The characters of Katie and Josh are fabulous and well rounded; however, there are other people in this book who will also tug at your heart.  For me this character was Nellie.  It wasn't so much that I could relate to Nellie and her lifestyle but I felt her pain.  How could people you'd grown up with be SO mean and SO cruel!  I cried....Nellie was truly the character who caught my heart.
This is one of those 5 star fantastic reads that once you begin you simply won't be able to put down ( I just looked at the wonderful cover of this book when it arrived and made the mistake of "just" reading the Prologue....stayed up until 2 am!).
I love the verse, Psalm 51, that Oma Nellie writes on Janine's birthday card!  This verse is so appropriate for this story!
My favorite part of this story is written on the last page, "Let me tell you a secret.  If you are old enough to read this book, we have intervened in your life at least twice.  Your story makes no sense without this fact."
This book would be a great read for a book club or small group.  Questions For Discussion and Your Backstory are included at the back of the book.
*This book was provided for review by The B & B Media Group, Inc*
The Author:
David Housholder is a Fulbright Scholar (University Bonn '88-'89) and international conference speaker, earned his M. Div. at Chicago's Lutheran School of Theology.  He is an avid philosophical-spiritual influencer, sponsored snowboarder and surfing instructor.  Currently he leads an indie-warehouse church in California, where he dreams and works for a better world.  
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