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Becoming Your Husband's Best Friend by Lisa & David Frisbie

Book Description: Would you like to help your husband become more attentive, loving, and helpful around the house? Do you long for a new level of partnership and fun in your marriage? You can make a tremendous difference in your relationship all by yourself by inviting God to begin the change in you. Discover how wives like you have transformed their homes by…
  • recognizing the role unspoken expectations play in every marriage
  • releasing their unresolved emotions to allow for greater intimacy
  • choosing the right words and actions to encourage their husbands
Whether your husband is a prince or a pain in the neck, the best way to empower him to grow is to experience God’s life-giving touch in your own heart. These inspiring stories and biblical insights demonstrate how that happens and how you can become a better friend than your husband ever imagined.
Questions for reflection and ideas for journaling make this a perfect tool for a woman’s personal healing as well as group study.

My Review:  I like the way the introduction to this book begins...pretend we are close friends and we are meeting for coffee.  We sit at an outdoor cafe and visit all the while with a closeness that comes with knowing a friend's heart.
Then in chapter 1 we go on to find out who are we "fixing?"  Me or him?  Interesting!  As wives we sometimes feel that we know best (well, we are cooking, cleaning, working, answering all the questions, keeping the home front run like a well oiled machine).  We tend to forgot that the wonderful man we chose as our life mate is also working, answering questions and trying to keep us happy <smile>
This book produces those questions:  Why does a woman react the way she does, should she always say everything she feels concerning her husbands habits and insecurities?  Of course, he was once a single man who could make decisions without you...are we allowing too much dependence?
The second part of this book focuses on seeing how other couples worked through their marriage problems.  This part of the book made me laugh (because I've been there!) and cry (because I've been there!). 
What are you feeding in your marriage? Are you making a conscientious effort to feed your love, and commitment to your spouse, or are you feeding your doubts, dissatisfaction and self-absorption? If you don’t make a point of feeding your love and commitment, then it’s easy for doubts and dissatisfaction to slide into your way of perceiving your spouse without even realizing it.
 The authors/counselors, Lisa & David then offer comforting words to all of us wives.  Encouraging us to be women of God who have loved and need to uplift our husbands.  This encouraging read is a must have for women of all walks of life.  A thought provoking and riveting read that will help us all in our martial relationship.  A great gift for that soon to be married woman or that woman who struggles with the "why" of married life!
A wonderful book for all women!
*This book was provided for review by Reader's Favorites*
About the Authors:

"America's Remarriage Experts"
Family counselors Dr. David and Lisa Frisbie are the authors of fourteen published books with four publishers, mostly on topics of marriage and family life. David and Lisa jointly serve as executive directors of The Center for Marriage and Family Studies in Del Mar, California. They are nationally and globally recognized experts on marriage studies, with particular emphasis on the post-divorce family type, including blended families and stepfamilies.
Dr. David Frisbie teaches family studies and gerontology at Southern Nazarene University. He has lectured on numerous topics, including premarital counseling and pre-remarriage counseling, at colleges and seminaries literally around the globe. Together, David and Lisa jointly serve as Coordinators of Marriage and Family Life for the Nazarene denomination, based in Kansas City. Further information is available at The Center for Marriage & Family Studies. (
David and Lisa are frequent contributors to magazines and journals; their articles can be found in "Thriving Family" magazine (Focus on the Family), "Grace & Peace" magazine (Nazarene) and their features and articles are often included in both "ParentLife" and "BabyLife" magazines (Lifeway, Southern Baptist Convention). They have written for "Rev!" and "Outreach" magazines for persons in ministry, and for "Holiness Today" magazine. Their blog posts occur across a broad spectrum of internet media. They have been interviewed and quoted in "USA Today" and "The New York Times" among many other print media; and have been interviewed and featured on ABC-TV and on CBS radio, among other broadcast venues.
Dr. and Mrs. Frisbie travel constantly to teach, train, speak and counsel, with a particular focus on education and resources for the post-divorce family type, including divorced adults, single parents, remarried couples, blended families and stepfamilies.
To date the Frisbies have traveled to all 50 United States, 9 provinces and 2 territories of Canada, and more than 40 world nations. Recently the Frisbies have traveled to central and eastern Europe to train family counselors and marriage therapists in emerging nations.
Best-selling titles by the Frisbies include "Moving Forward After Divorce" and "Raising Great Kids On Your Own: A Guide and Companion for Every Single Parent." Both of these books won awards from publishing organizations; both of these books are in multiple printings. In addition, David and Lisa's book "Happily Remarried" has gone to a fourth printing after receiving numerous endorsements from dozens of family counselors, marriage therapists, and ministry leaders.
The Frisbies developed teaching and training resources related to the movie "FireProof" and their resources are featured on the website of the movie and related materials. In particular Dr. and Mrs. Frisbie wrote their recent book "The Soul-Mate Marriage" while working on the "FireProof" materials. "The Soul-Mate Marriage" sold out its first printing in less than 60 days on the market and has already been endorsed by more than 30 family counselors, marriage therapists, and experts in the field.
Among their upcoming releases is a two-book series for premarital counseling, one book for couples and the companion book for counselors and ministers. Both books are headlined "Right from the Start" and are released from Beacon Hill Press. Their most recent release is "Becoming Your Husband's Best Friend" from Harvest House Publishers of Eugene, Oregon.
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