Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Controlling Interest by Elizabeth White

Book Description:  THERE'S TROUBLE IN RIVER CITY Matt Hogan's Memphis detective agency has been on the skids since a recent attack of conscience cost him an important case. When a wealthy investor steps in and saves River City Investigations, Matt thinks all his prayers have been answered—until he finds out that with the investor comes a new partner. Fresh out of criminal justice school and a two-year stint in the Tunica County Sheriff's Department, Natalie Tubberville is out to prove she can cut it in the world of private investigations. But her reluctant partner is just as determined to have nothing to do with her—until Natalie makes him an offer he can’t refuse! If Matt solves the next case before she does, she will return her share of the company. And the race is on. As two strong personalities compete, mutual attraction grows…while a simple case of a runaway bride threatens to become an international incident. Will Matt and Natalie call off the competition—or discover an entirely new arrangement? 

My Review:  Natalie Tubberville is determined to make it on her own without her dad's money.  After her dad buys an Memphis Detective Agency, Natalie is going to prove her investigative skills to all.
Matt Hogan hasn't had much luck with his clients lately.  His last client turned out to be a crook which hurt his pride and his pocketbook.  So, he feels that he has no other alternative than to accept Eddie Tubberville's offer to finance his detective Agency even with the stipulation that Eddie's naive, wanna be daughter is to be his partner.
When Natalie and Matt have their first case together it turns out o be anything but fun!  Their first case, Yasmine Patel, has decided to run her own life and choose the man she will marry and now Yasmine is running for her life! Her fiance wasn't the upstanding man she thought him to be so now she is running scared.  She has asked Natalie and Matt to help her get out of this mess. 
This turns out to be a mess of an escapade for all involved! 
This in a great, fast read!  I love the story line!  Toss in unusual relatives, Yasmine's disappearance and a romance of two individuals. All the characters are well rounded and fun to read about!
*This book was provided for review by Zondervan*

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